Last week, Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga of Honduras, one of the pope’s closest advisers, spoke at Georgetown on the mission and message of Pope Francis, along with what we might expect when Francis addresses the US Congress. David Gibson has highlighted some of the cardinal’s most interesting quotes from his trip to DC: “Even here, […]

Bishop Robert McElroy: “All forms of marginalization which deny the dignity of the human person are antithetical to the Gospel and repugnant to God.”

Check out these recent articles from around the web: Forming Faithful Citizens: Looking to 2016 by John Carr: “First, while the basic moral framework and outline of key issues have been consistent, the statement needs updating to reflect Pope Francis’ principles and priorities. His leadership does not alter church teaching, but offers new urgency and […]

The National Black Catholic Congress has released a statement on the civil unrest in Baltimore: The recent events in Baltimore, Maryland, along with those in Ferguson, Missouri and other communities in our nation, lead us to reaffirm our position as African American Catholics on the inviolate value of the Life and Dignity of every Human […]

Pope Francis: “Never refuse baptism to those who request it.”

News on Millennial writer Mike Jordan Laskey via the Diocese of Camden: Bishop Dennis Sullivan has appointed Michael Jordan Laskey as vice chancellor for the City of Camden. Laskey, currently director for the Office of Life and Justice, the diocesan office which addresses pro-life and social justice concerns, will continue to serve in that position. […]

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer often get lumped together as middle-school books, 19th-century young-adult novels. After all, the two books share a central cast of characters and concern themselves with the often miscreant adventures of pre-teen boys. Yet Huckleberry Finn is a much more serious book, and it has […]


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