Check out these recent articles from around the web: Mercy, Part I by Michael Sean Winters: “Most of us Christians grew up with the idea that the God of the Hebrews was an angry God. Certainly, many Christians have conceived him as such. But, Kasper sets out to destroy this myth and largely succeeds.” Part […]

Millennial writer Daniel DiLeo has a new article for the Catholic Health Association. He writes: “There are at least four points that serve as pillars of Pope Francis’ ecological vision: -The recognition and affirmation of the goodness of all creation -Humanity’s unique place in creation -The fact that environmental degradation harms people, especially the poor […]

Cardinal Donald Wuerl: “Atrocities happen because there are those who commit them and those who simply remain silent.”

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale and Rachel Malinowski have a new article at NCR. They write: Indeed, we must remember how to weep over this economy of exclusion. We must move beyond the sterilized consideration of people as statistics, as percentages of our population below the poverty line. Instead, we must open ourselves to their stories […]

This post by Billy Biegler, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post. Mid-sip of a cup of coffee, on an outing with an old high school friend, I heard the beginning of a terrifying sentence; “Remember the time in high school when….” Immediately, possibilities ran through my head–most of them embarrassing: Do I remember the […]

Pope Francis: “God’s love is unbounded: it has no limits!”


Millennial had the opportunity to interview Ralph McCloud, the director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the official domestic anti-poverty agency of the USCCB, on some of the important topics that have emerged as part of the national conversation in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing and the protests that followed in Ferguson, Missouri. […]


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