For the Church in the United States, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision marks a day of prayer for the unborn, and Catholics join others in marching for life in the streets. But as we engage in this prayer and protest, it is essential to go back to the basics of what being […]

Many Americans believe the United States spends a significant portion of its budget on foreign aid. One frequently cited survey reports that Americans believe this number to be as high as 25%. In reality, the United States spends less than 1% of its budget on foreign aid. This number is already startlingly low, but with […]

Millennial‘s Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig has recently joined The New Republic as a writer. In one of her first articles for TNR, she addresses some of the backlash against Pope Francis and the desire for a “a truly humble papacy, where politics is avoided, and where the personality of the occupant does not presage some reform.” […]

There are three things I heard over the past week that are stuck in my head. First, “We are the pro-life generation!” Thousands of young people chanted this refrain at last Thursday’s March for Life in Washington. Then, “We’re not asking – we’re demanding! Give us the vote!” This was a masterful Daniel Oyelowo portraying […]

Fr. James Martin, SJ on Godparents: “The question asked in the Catholic sacrament of baptism is a good one: ‘Are you ready to help the parents of this child in their duty as Christian parents?’ So it’s less an honor given to a friend, or a kind of ‘reward’ for a relative, than an important […]

Kids growing up in California spend their 4th grade history classes learning about the history of their state—from its inception as a Spanish colony to the Bear Flag Revolt to becoming the modern-day 8th largest economy in the world. A major part of the curriculum is devoted to the Spanish Mission system—a system of 21 […]

Pope Francis: “Experience teaches us that in an increasingly globalized world, our understanding of the common good, of progress and development, must ultimately be in human and not merely economic terms.”


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