This month, as I have been hearing of the thousands of children fleeing Central America, the story of one mother and her murdered son keeps coming to my mind. About ten years ago, when I worked as an immigration paralegal while serving as a Jesuit Volunteer in Los Angeles, I met with a Salvadoran woman—I’ll […]

This post by Brendan Busse, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post. I’ve spent the past two years living and working in Jesuit higher education. In that time I’ve returned again and again to a simple question: What are we doing here, and why? I think it’s a question worth asking – in education and […]

Check out these recent articles from around the web: Poor Sanitation in India May Afflict Well-Fed Children With Malnutrition by Gardiner Harris: “An emerging body of scientific studies suggest that Vivek and many of the 162 millionother children under the age of 5 in the world who are malnourished are suffering less a lack of […]

Pope Francis: “Dear young people, do not be mediocre; the Christian life challenges us with great ideals.”

On June 16th, a University of Toronto PhD student, Alexander Sodiqov, was detained by police in Tajikistan while conducting field research for a project on why western styles of conflict management were failing in former Soviet Republics. Sodiqov, originally from Tajikistan, was apprehended while collecting information as a part of research concerning civil society and […]

We fight for rights, but not for each other – or even for ourselves. “Reared on protest marches, I had a NOW poster affixed to my bedroom wall. I was an unwavering believer in the fierce rhetoric of pro-choice. And now: a poster child.” At 22 years old, artist Lisa Selin Davis scheduled her abortion. […]

The King has returned. This was the message that all the world of basketball and Cleveland sports fans in particular were eagerly awaiting this past week. After several delays, around noon on Friday, LeBron James announced in an emotionally charged letter that he will be returning to play for his hometown. The question on my […]


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