Early this month Henry McCollum, North Carolina’s longest serving death row inmate, walked out of prison a free man. He has spent the majority of his life—30 years—behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Thanks to DNA evidence, we now know that the confession extracted by police in the early 1980s was in […]

Pope Francis: “I make a heartfelt appeal, that a logic of profit does not prevail, but one of solidarity and justice.”

We tend to focus more on the Church in the world than internal Church politics, but this would be quite a development. Sandro Magister reports: The “revolution” of Pope Francis in ecclesiastical governance is not losing its driving thrust. And so, as happens in every self-respecting revolution, the heads continue to roll for churchmen seen as […]

Millennial writer Bethany Welch recently published an article at the USCCB’s blog. She writes: Justice requires us to hold each other accountable for fair wages, wages that permit the head of a household to rent a decent apartment and feed their family. Justice demands that hours, while long, do not subject a person to unreasonable […]

Awful news off the coast of Malta: Hundreds of migrants may have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days, bringing the number of victims so far this year to more than four times last year’s total, the International Organization of Migration said Monday. About 500 people, mainly from Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Syria and […]

One of the themes of Pope Francis’ pontificate seems to be encouraging people to feel more welcome when it comes to receiving the sacraments. He has attacked those who refuse to baptize children whose parents are not married. He has encouraged people to go to confession, even if we haven’t been in a long time. […]

Check out these recent articles from around the web: A Complicated Grief by Kerry Weber: “Painful suffering, monumental moments, can divide life into a before and an after. Yet we must persevere; we continue on, if differently. It takes time to process suffering. Hope and joy look different.” Listening Inward: Recognizing Our Sacredness by Claire […]


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