“The dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all economic policies.” -Pope Francis Pope Francis is worried the world economy is on the verge of collapse. Like a canary in a coal mine, he points to the depressed economic condition of youth as a […]

“Christopher Nolan has a new movie out. Do you want to go see it?” “Who?” “The guy who directed Inception and the Batman movies.” “Oh… then heck yeah.” So went the conversation between my wife and me this past week. Given Christopher Nolan’s track record, I feel confident when I sit down for one of […]

Check out these recent articles from around the web: Do Politicians Love Kids? by Nicholas Kristof: “So if politicians are genuinely looking for a bipartisan issue to break through the Washington gridlock, here’s a suggestion: invest in early education.” N.J.’s consideration of legalizing assisted suicide needs deeper study by Charles Camosy: “In a youth-worshiping and […]

The USCCB collection to support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) will be taken up in parishes nationwide this weekend. Why is it so important to contribute to their work? Millennial‘s Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig offered her thoughts: The CCHD, in other words, is an avenue through which we can live the message of Christ […]

Sister Rosemary Connelly has been recognized for her exceptional work: Connelly, now 83, has been running Misericordia with a kind smile and an iron will ever since. Under her leadership, the nonprofit that began as a small nursing home on the Southwest Side now has nearly 1,000 staffers to serve the 600 children and adults […]

President Barack Obama gave a powerful speech tonight that highlighted the brokenness of our immigration system, the connection between fighting for families and enacting immigration reform, and the way welcoming immigrants reflects our faith and values. President Obama deserves praise for his decision to take the first step in bringing relief and hope to millions […]


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