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In Thanksgiving, In Memoriam

I had to reset the password on my old Yahoo account to access it. Once I was in, I did a quick search and found his name: Loren Baker. There it was, my last message from him. In the note, he thanks me for a postcard from Philadelphia and remarks, “It reminds me of our […]

The Human Face of Immigration Reform

The United States needs comprehensive immigration reform. We need it now. There is a twelve-year-old girl on a crumbling stoop in inner city Philadelphia who can tell you why. She is a U.S. citizen, but is currently experiencing the trauma and pain of having a mother who is not. Clutching a bag of food from […]

Karla’s Story

For most of her life, Karla did not know that she was an undocumented resident of the United States of America. She grew up in a densely populated neighborhood in South Philadelphia. She went to high school and got a job as a waitress in her teenage years. Her parents worked hard, sent money to […]

Illuminating God’s Love at Work in the World

A dark shroud seemed to envelope America in the last few weeks of 2012.  From the constant media chatter about the fiscal cliff to the coverage of trauma and heartache in Newtown, CT, the days were filled with painful reminders of our human failings and fragility. The darkness seeped into my own family with the […]

The Virgin for our Time and Generation

I arrived late. The crowd was pressed in tightly. Layers and layers of winter clothing seemed to double the size of each person. Despite the throng, all attention was focused on a parade of icons making its way down the central aisle of the church. Cell phones were held high from nearly every hand trying […]

Seeing the Signs

As the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes to an end and Christians around the world prepare to enter the season of Advent, I am reminded of a day nearly nine months ago when Catholics observed the Solemnity of The Annunciation of the Lord. This feast day commemorates the Virgin Mary’s encounter with […]

Crafting a message

The first Catholic Worker newspaper I encountered came from the back of an Episcopal church in Upstate New York.  A small wood cut illustration caught my attention as it peeked out from underneath a pile of leaflets.  I pulled out the paper and unfolded the cheap, ink-smeared pages.  I didn’t know what the Catholic Worker […]


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