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We Still Need Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The recent shutdown of the federal government is almost exclusively the focus of all public policy debate at the expense of other important issues that are not explicitly related to the passage of a budget. As the end of this legislative session nears, Dr. Stephen Schneck, Director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic […]

Bro-choice: When Casual Sex Matters More Than Human Life

The pro-choice community argues that in advocating for abortion rights, it is protecting the dignity of women by preserving a key right that allows women to flourish.  Their “bro-choice” allies seem to be making a different argument. The term “bro-choice” has recently been coined in an attempt to persuade men that protecting abortion rights is […]

Pro-lifers Must Support Those with Disabilities

We are all called to recognize the dignity and worth of every single person.  Whether it is as members of a community of faith or simply as members of the societies in which we live, we are called to respect all human life.  This requires a particular concern for the most vulnerable, those most exposed […]

Pro-life Democrats at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life

This weekend at the annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life at Georgetown University, Millennial editor Robert Christian and I represented Democrats for Life of America and presented on the pro-life movement within the Democratic Party.  It may have largely been due to the plain curiosity that such a movement actually exists (“Isn’t Pro-life Democrat something […]

Redefining the War on Women: The International Front

Every day millions of women and girls around the world are subjected to unspeakable cruelties and deprived of basic human rights.  They are stripped of their basic human dignity and denied the opportunity to fulfill their potential.  These atrocities are largely ignored by the communities and countries in which they take place, and are too […]

Redefining the War on Women

Throughout the election season and as the nation prepares for a new Congress to be sworn into office this January, the discussion of a “war on women” has received considerable attention.  But for all the challenges women face in today’s society, the broad notion of a “war on women” has been narrowly focused on matters […]

Ending the Era of Bitter, Unproductive Partisanship

Last week, families all around the country gathered to break bread, give thanks and inevitably to share their thoughts in some awkward political discussions. The family Thanksgiving dinner table has always seemed to capture the political dynamic that exists in our country as a whole.  People who largely agree on how to raise children or […]


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