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One year and thousands of miles later

On Palm Sunday I got out a little bit earlier than I normally would, especially after a decidedly non-Lenten Saturday night. I wanted to see the Passion play put on by the Life Teen group at my parish, and they don’t perform it at the mass I usually attend. As it turns out, while the […]

Is Porn the Biggest Threat to American Families?

In my kitchen I have about half a dozen frying pans, and at least that many spatulas.  It’s not that I have any special affinity for them; it’s simply that I make scrambled eggs far more often than I do dishes. I didn’t know you are supposed to periodically clean out the bacon grease (I […]

They Ended Up Teaching Me About Life, and Faith

A couple weeks ago David Brooks wrote an astonishingly un-self-aware column in which he dismissed those who wrote college essays entitled “I Went to Panama to Teach the Natives About Math but They Ended Up Teaching Me About Life.”  At the risk of drawing Mr. Brooks’ contempt, this is one such blog post. My story […]

Evangelization: He’s doing it right

There is a parish down the street from my office that I have been to occasionally, but as I am not usually here on Sundays I don’t regularly attend.  You can find me there most often on holy days, and this was the case on All Saints’ Day.  Or, to be a little more accurate, […]

Why the Cardinal Newman Society Should Listen to Pope Francis

The Harvard Crimson recently had a profile of the freshman class called Sex, Drugs, and MacBook Pros, with the implication being that Apple products are Harvard’s version of rock ’n roll.  What is the equivalent for Catholic colleges?  If you ask the Cardinal Newman Society, an organization that has taken it upon itself to “to […]

Fishers of Men and Women, Go to Those You Wish to Catch

I’d like to think that when my now-brother-in-law asked me to stand by his side at his wedding it was to show off what a good looking family he was marrying into, and that my sister wanted me to offer the Prayers of the Faithful to display what an excellent speaking voice I have.  Sadly, […]

Pray by doing

I’m taking a course this fall which marks my first return to the classroom in several years.  During the shopping period, the week when professors give an overview of their courses before you have to register, this professor spent the 40 minutes explaining to us why, if we were crazy enough to sign up for […]


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