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Autocracy vs. Academic Freedom

On June 16th, a University of Toronto PhD student, Alexander Sodiqov, was detained by police in Tajikistan while conducting field research for a project on why western styles of conflict management were failing in former Soviet Republics. Sodiqov, originally from Tajikistan, was apprehended while collecting information as a part of research concerning civil society and […]

When Rights Meet Reality

We fight for rights, but not for each other – or even for ourselves. “Reared on protest marches, I had a NOW poster affixed to my bedroom wall. I was an unwavering believer in the fierce rhetoric of pro-choice. And now: a poster child.” At 22 years old, artist Lisa Selin Davis scheduled her abortion. […]

“Let the Children Come to Me” vs. Nativism

American soccer fans couldn’t help but cringe when the US Men’s National Soccer Team was defeated by Belgium last week and was sent back home from Brazil. A part of me was secretly hoping that this would be a historic World Cup in which the US would go farther than it ever had before in […]

Following Pope Francis’ Lead: Authentic Inclusion for Disabled People

For those of us living with disability or chronic illness, Christ’s wounds are a remarkable reminder that we, too, bear the image of God. Yet the inclusion of people with disabilities in society – and even in the life of the Church – has hardly been historically constant. In the fifth century, for instance, Augustine […]

Led by the Spirit into the Unknown

Yesterday’s readings, two days after Pentecost, feature Jesus giving his disciples a mission. He tells them “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the world.” They are tasked with bringing some seasoning and illumination to all the nations. They are, as Elwood Blues would say, on a mission from […]

Mercy in the City: Making Mercy a Verb

I am sitting on my bed, lacing up my shoes, and assuring myself that if the nuns reject me based on my footwear, I don’t want anything to do with them anyway. I have sifted through my closet and have decided to wear dark jeans and a black sweater with a white collar sewn into […]

Pedagogy of Suffering: John Paul II’s Victory

In September 2003, Pope John Paul II traveled to Slovakia with an agenda to call the Slovakians to bring their Christian heritage into the European Union. Midway through his opening remarks, John Paul slumped down, breathless and unable to finish his speech. Suddenly, a seemingly quiet trip became a storm of media frenzy. This Pope, […]


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