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The Way of Perfection: Carmelites in Contemporary Life

Today marks the 500th birthday of St. Teresa of Avila, the saint whose name I took at my confirmation. Teresa is a looming figure in Catholic history. A reformer, writer, and mystic, she was one of the first women to be named a Doctor of the Church, an honor which acknowledges the saint’s important theological […]

Is the Francis Effect Real?

In the two years since Pope Francis’ election, the phrase “Francis Effect” has come to describe the unique impact of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s papacy. But what exactly is the Francis Effect? Can we measure it? Is it real? In evaluating the Francis Effect, there are two components to consider: the popular media’s narrative and the […]

Beyond Textbooks: Awakening Students to the Transcendent

The modern world view, marked by a suspicion of anything not empirical, skeptical to the possibility of transcendence or mystery, is our age’s default perspective. What exists beyond the data points of observable human emotion and action? Our society has no answer. Modernity is the air we breathe, the language we use, the habits we […]

Reclaiming the Internet of My Youth

We need to develop an internet of people, not an internet of things. Over the past few weeks, my wife Dezzie and I have talked about the idea of reclaiming the internet of our youth. Fifteen years ago, web firms were just learning how to monetize, which they now have down to an art. With […]

The Need for a More Pastoral Approach toward Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics

As Philadelphia prepares for the Pope’s visit and the World Meeting of Families, one would expect to see a program aimed at addressing the Church’s plan to be more pastoral toward gay, lesbian, and transgender people. In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, the only mention of such efforts to be expected during the World Meeting […]

Reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ During Lent

Far more qualified individuals than I have elaborated on the wonder, beauty, and power of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien infused his world with Catholic understanding and perspective so rich that any Christian can find moments of great reflection and revelation within Middle Earth. Therefore, the question is not whether one should […]

A New Focus on Women’s Equality with a Record Number of Women in Congress?

Slowly but surely, changes are occurring in the demographic makeup of Congress. One change worth celebrating is the record number of women elected to represent Americans nationwide. While the US lags far behind other nations such as Rwanda or Sweden in this regard, more and more women are getting elected to Congress. With these changes, […]


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