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Do You See What I See? A Society Still Divided by Race

Do you see what I see when communities are torn apart by unspoken racist realities? Do you see what I see when riot gear, militarized vehicles, explosions, and unrest light up a silent night? Do you hear what I hear when an entire community erupts in frustration over the failure of a grand jury to […]

Syria: The Peace That Never Was

The papacy of Pope Francis has been filled with great hope, joy, and exuberance. Catholics have this giddy feeling that we have something truly special in Pope Francis. It appears that this great and holy man can do anything. He has done so much good that it’s easy to forget what might be the biggest […]

An Economy of Inclusion and Solidarity for the 21st Century

“The dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all economic policies.” -Pope Francis Pope Francis is worried the world economy is on the verge of collapse. Like a canary in a coal mine, he points to the depressed economic condition of youth as a […]

Assisted Suicide and Authentic Love

She dazzlingly adorned an October cover of People magazine and, on some days, the headlines on CNN. She was photogenic; she wrote and spoke with a strong and independent voice. She was compelling. She was Brittany Maynard, the newest (and arguably the first deliberate) poster girl for assisted suicide. While many supporters and practitioners of […]

The Saint of 9/11 and the “Gifts and Qualities” of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics

Since last month’s Synod on the Family propelled the lesbian and gay community into the spotlight and sparked conversation about their role in the Catholic Church, there is no better time to be talking about what invaluable gifts they bring to the Church. The Relatio attracted both applause and controversy after positive language (like “gifts […]

Running the Race and Keeping the Faith

Ten months ago, I would not have considered myself a “runner.” I have an athletic build and I played soccer for 15 years (my calves and quads are a bit bigger than I would prefer), but I never liked to just run and certainly not long distances. People often ask, “Do you run?” when I […]

Bringing Chips to the Potluck: Taxation and Inequality in the American System

Everybody knows that guy…the guy that brings a bag of chips to the potluck. Don’t be that guy. Why? Because everyone else at the potluck made their grandma’s famous German potato salad, called their uncle for his classic barbeque dry rub, or at least thoughtfully picked out the nicest-looking watermelon from the local grocery store. […]


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