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A View from the Road: The Gift of Solidarity

The life of a pilgrim can be a precarious adventure. Of course, being an American and living in relative security, my voyages on the road have not been nearly as precarious as those traveled by many of our world’s poor, who flee their homes seeking security or prosperity or freedom. No, my flight didn’t have […]

Beyond Networking: Fostering Authentic Friendships

This is a revised draft of a talk given in DCCatholic’s Summer Theology on Tap series on July 15, 2014. God is Friendship Good evening to you all. I first want to thank you for coming to this event and thank you for coming together. Among my favorite scripture passages is Psalm 133, which opens […]

Five Things I Learned from the Jesuits

Today is the feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus (the “Jesuits”). The Jesuits are a religious order, officially founded in 1540 and currently numbering over 18,000 priests, brothers, and men in formation. While they are active in a wide variety of ministries throughout the world, they are […]

Despite All the Evidence to the Contrary

I get asked a lot why I am so obsessed with travel. The answer varies from day to day, but I think the core of it remains the same: I travel because it reminds me how infinitely good the world is, despite all the evidence to the contrary. If ever you were looking for one […]

Standing with Iraq’s Christians – And All of Its Persecuted Innocents

The militant group ISIS, which invaded Iraq from Syria and began seizing control of Iraqi cities several months ago, has systematically persecuted religious and ethnic minorities, forcing many to flee. The terrorist organization imposed Sharia law this past June and recently prevented Christian services from being held in Mosul for the first time 1600 years. […]

Autocracy vs. Academic Freedom

On June 16th, a University of Toronto PhD student, Alexander Sodiqov, was detained by police in Tajikistan while conducting field research for a project on why western styles of conflict management were failing in former Soviet Republics. Sodiqov, originally from Tajikistan, was apprehended while collecting information as a part of research concerning civil society and […]

When Rights Meet Reality

We fight for rights, but not for each other – or even for ourselves. “Reared on protest marches, I had a NOW poster affixed to my bedroom wall. I was an unwavering believer in the fierce rhetoric of pro-choice. And now: a poster child.” At 22 years old, artist Lisa Selin Davis scheduled her abortion. […]


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