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Immigration Reform is a Pro-life Issue

Jesus’ miraculous presence in the womb of Mary is often highlighted to illustrate the dignity of the unborn child. But these days, the life of Christ is also particularly helpful in allowing us to see and remember the dignity of the immigrant child. When Jesus was just a child, his family fled their home to […]

No One Should Freeze to Death on the Street. Ever.

You walk out of your office and see him sitting there. You’ve seen him before—sometimes on that same step, sometimes down the block, sitting on the grate. Once in a while, you wave and say hello. Sometimes he responds with a head-nod and a smile. Other times he just stares blankly. You keep walking. You […]

Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel

The anchors of The Today Show were aflutter. Habitual viewers of this morning program are aware that over-excitement has become the primary disposition of the anchors and the rotating cast of meteorologists/journalists/pop culture icons charged with reporting upon Twitter trends. In this particular case, the excitement was not facilitated by Will and Kate’s New York […]

Economic Justice is Essential to Strengthening American Families

Is it right that people work hard to provide for their families in jobs that are essential to our modern way of life but nevertheless remain on the edge of poverty? Is it morally acceptable to leave families so vulnerable, exposed to calamity if faced with a minor mishap? It is neither right nor acceptable. […]

Do You See What I See? A Society Still Divided by Race

Do you see what I see when communities are torn apart by unspoken racist realities? Do you see what I see when riot gear, militarized vehicles, explosions, and unrest light up a silent night? Do you hear what I hear when an entire community erupts in frustration over the failure of a grand jury to […]

An Economy of Inclusion and Solidarity for the 21st Century

“The dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all economic policies.” -Pope Francis Pope Francis is worried the world economy is on the verge of collapse. Like a canary in a coal mine, he points to the depressed economic condition of youth as a […]

Assisted Suicide and Authentic Love

She dazzlingly adorned an October cover of People magazine and, on some days, the headlines on CNN. She was photogenic; she wrote and spoke with a strong and independent voice. She was compelling. She was Brittany Maynard, the newest (and arguably the first deliberate) poster girl for assisted suicide. While many supporters and practitioners of […]


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