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The Need for a More Pastoral Approach toward Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics

As Philadelphia prepares for the Pope’s visit and the World Meeting of Families, one would expect to see a program aimed at addressing the Church’s plan to be more pastoral toward gay, lesbian, and transgender people. In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, the only mention of such efforts to be expected during the World Meeting […]

Reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ During Lent

Far more qualified individuals than I have elaborated on the wonder, beauty, and power of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien infused his world with Catholic understanding and perspective so rich that any Christian can find moments of great reflection and revelation within Middle Earth. Therefore, the question is not whether one should […]

A New Focus on Women’s Equality with a Record Number of Women in Congress?

Slowly but surely, changes are occurring in the demographic makeup of Congress. One change worth celebrating is the record number of women elected to represent Americans nationwide. While the US lags far behind other nations such as Rwanda or Sweden in this regard, more and more women are getting elected to Congress. With these changes, […]

Poverty in the World is a Scandal: Strengthen Funding for Poverty-Focused Aid and Development

Many Americans believe the United States spends a significant portion of its budget on foreign aid. One frequently cited survey reports that Americans believe this number to be as high as 25%. In reality, the United States spends less than 1% of its budget on foreign aid. This number is already startlingly low, but with […]

Immigration Reform is a Pro-life Issue

Jesus’ miraculous presence in the womb of Mary is often highlighted to illustrate the dignity of the unborn child. But these days, the life of Christ is also particularly helpful in allowing us to see and remember the dignity of the immigrant child. When Jesus was just a child, his family fled their home to […]

No One Should Freeze to Death on the Street. Ever.

You walk out of your office and see him sitting there. You’ve seen him before—sometimes on that same step, sometimes down the block, sitting on the grate. Once in a while, you wave and say hello. Sometimes he responds with a head-nod and a smile. Other times he just stares blankly. You keep walking. You […]

Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel

The anchors of The Today Show were aflutter. Habitual viewers of this morning program are aware that over-excitement has become the primary disposition of the anchors and the rotating cast of meteorologists/journalists/pop culture icons charged with reporting upon Twitter trends. In this particular case, the excitement was not facilitated by Will and Kate’s New York […]


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