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Fr. Frans, Holy Week, and Paradoxical Tears

Though the conflict in Syria is raging less than 50 miles away from my home in Amman and the effects of the war can be seen and felt in countless ways throughout the country, I have lacked much of any emotional reaction to the horrific humanitarian, cultural, and environmental destruction that is occurring just beyond […]

Student Loan Debt vs. Vocations

“Sorry guys, I won’t be eating dinner with you next week. I’m doing a live-in at the Marianist Sisters’ house.” One of my best friends I had met during my first year at college was very open with us about her discernment of religious life. In the moments after she made this announcement to the […]

Ash Wednesday 2014

Ash Wednesday Selfies: Christian Witness on the Digital Streets

Yesterday, across the social media landscape, Christians posted photos of their foreheads smudged with ashes received at church services in observance of Ash Wednesday. The phenomenon generated several hashtags where fellow Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook users could peruse the results, perhaps none more popular than the appropriately pithy #ashtag. Yet with nearly the same alacrity […]


Book Review: Mercy in the City

I heard about Kerry Weber’s book, Mercy in the City: How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job, in an America Magazine podcast. I was in my office sorting, stapling, and stacking handouts for a campus ministry presentation on Charity, Justice and the Structures of […]

Called to Sacrifice: What Can We Give Up to Enrich Others This Lent?

In Pope Francis’ Lenten message, he offered a rich reflection on 2 Corinthians 8:9: “He became poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich.” Francis asked, “What do these words of Saint Paul mean for us Christians today? What does this invitation to poverty, a life of evangelical poverty, mean to us today?” […]

Leading with Vulnerability (and Getting Hit over the Head with an Umbrella)

So there I was, getting beaten over the head with an umbrella by a client in the middle of the parking lot (I’m a social worker, working with men and women experiencing homelessness).  As the umbrella came down, my mind raced, thinking of the possible ways I could best handle this situation (clinically speaking of […]

A Valentine’s Day Reflection: A Story of Unrequited Love

My heart was broken last week. I found him to be a really good looking, charming guy. Less than a week before, he had walked up and introduced himself, and after some conversation back and forth, he asked for my name and phone number. And so there we were, discussing our favorite microbrews, the Tea […]


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