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The Living Legacy of the Black Church

Black History Month does not get much fanfare in the Catholic Church. Yet, as February draws to a close in the fiftieth anniversary year of a certain pastor’s impactful “I Have a Dream” speech, and as our Church looks ahead to a new pontificate, we have a unique moment to draw lessons from the Black […]

Worse if Rain, Rain Goes Away

Few repeat offenders are as persistent as bad weather. That’s easy to say during the week in which Hurricane Sandy rocked the East Coast, but our society consistently laments the weather in our common parlance (“rain on your parade”), children’s lore (“Rain, rain go away”), pop culture (The Perfect Storm, Castaway), and even stories from […]

Norman Rockwell

Religion at the Dinner Table: Still Bad Manners?

Post-convention quarterbacking is largely over, but there will be no shortage of serious dinner table conversations this fall about the parties, platforms, and candidates. Given the range of political beliefs among Catholics, our homes will be filled with such discussions. There is more than a tinge of irony though as spouses, siblings, and friends choose […]


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