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The Challenge of ‘Spiritual, but Not Religious’

“When people say (as they do, it seems, with increasing frequency) that they are more interested in ‘spirituality’ than in ‘religion,’ they usually seem to mean that they prefer the balm of private fantasy, the aromatherapy of uplifting individual sentiment, to the hard work of thought and action, the common struggle to make sense of […]

Let Us Grow Together in Holiness

In political campaigns and religious statements, we spend a lot of time talking about our brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, and pew-mates who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and about what they do. We spend significantly less time listening and speaking to and with one another as brothers and sisters. The questions we are addressing […]

Notre Dame’s Presidential Invites Go Unnoticed

Three-and-a-half years ago, I sat in a coffee shop in Kampala, Uganda, sipping my brew and listening nonchalantly to the sound of world news coverage.  I had heard about the brouhaha surrounding Notre Dame’s decision to invite President Obama to deliver the 2009 commencement address and receive an honorary doctorate.  Nonetheless, it was a surreal […]

St. John of the Cross

Frogger, John of the Cross, and Embodied Love

Once upon a time, boys and girls used to approach a video game console, turn it on, and practice manipulating a two-dimensional frog across a street in order to get their thrills.  Today, the stakes have changed: we have only one life to start with, the screen is smaller, and what is on the screen […]

Honda Civic

A Labor Day Reflection

Since Colette, my 1998 Honda Civic, recently celebrated 217,000 miles, I worried for her health as I moved from Iowa to Boston.  Instinctively, I considered whether to pull over in Maryland to give her a break from climbing upward and coasting downward, turning, and plowing through downpours.  At some point I realized a rest probably […]


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