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Holy Cross Final Vows Special Feature

What motivates men to enter the priesthood? Check out this great video, where a group of young men anticipates their final vows with a spirit of passion and idealism:

Archbishop Gomez’s Twitter Evangelization

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles has been one of the most active bishops spreading the Good News on twitter. Here are fifteen of his most insightful tweets from the last couple of months: Let's pray for all those who are deprived of an honest day's work/fair wages & live under conditions in which their dignity […]

Cardinal Turkson: Fraternity is Our True Vocation

Cardinal Peter Turkson recently spoke at the “Giving Europe a Soul – European Unification in reconciled Diversity – Foundation of a social ethical network for Eastern and Central Europe” conference. His address included some great insights that are relevant to those in Europe and around the globe. He noted the need for our societies to […]

Hundreds Feared Dead After Sinking of Ship near Malta

Awful news off the coast of Malta: Hundreds of migrants may have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days, bringing the number of victims so far this year to more than four times last year’s total, the International Organization of Migration said Monday. About 500 people, mainly from Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Syria and […]

Pope Francis Weds 40, Including Cohabitants

One of the themes of Pope Francis’ pontificate seems to be encouraging people to feel more welcome when it comes to receiving the sacraments. He has attacked those who refuse to baptize children whose parents are not married. He has encouraged people to go to confession, even if we haven’t been in a long time. […]

Labor Day 2014: Rejecting an Economy of Exclusion

The USCCB’s 2014 Labor Day statement follows in Pope Francis’ footsteps. The statement highlights those who have been left behind as the economy has recovered from the Great Recession: Digging a little deeper, however, reveals enduring hardship for millions of workers and their families. The poverty rate remains high, as 46 million Americans struggle to […]

Jim Foley, Faith, and Heroic Journalism

A new video online shows the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS. Questions remain over how he fell into the hands of ISIS, as many thought he was being held captive by the Syrian regime: What is unclear is if previous investigations into Foley’s whereabouts were inaccurate, if ISIS militants somehow captured Foley […]


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