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No Longer Slaves, But Brothers and Sisters

Here are the highlights of Pope Francis’ message for today’s World Day of Peace: The “Life of Communion” vs. Exploitation: Since we are by nature relational beings, meant to find fulfilment through interpersonal relationships inspired by justice and love, it is fundamental for our human development that our dignity, freedom and autonomy be acknowledged and […]

Torture Sacrifices Our Most Important Values

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report today on the CIA’s detention program, which included the use of secret prisons and the brutal interrogation of detainees. The Washington Post has highlighted 20 key findings on the CIA interrogations. It is an ugly picture. John McCain took to the floor of the Senate to show his […]

Pope Francis on the Sanctity of Life and False Compassion

Pope Francis recently spoke to the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors. He said: In many places, the quality of life is related primarily to economic means, to “well-being”, to the beauty and enjoyment of the physical, forgetting other more profound dimensions of existence — interpersonal, spiritual and religious. In fact, in the light of faith […]

Pope Francis: Create Dignified and Stable Employment for All

Pope Francis wrote to the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, prior to the G20 summit last month. His letter addressed the “fundamental imperative of creating dignified and stable employment for all”: “This will call for improvement in the quality of public spending and investment, the promotion of private investment, a fair and adequate system of […]

Pope Francis on Complementarity: Roles and Relations of the Two Sexes are Not Fixed in a Single, Static Pattern

Yesterday, Pope Francis spoke on marriage and complementarity at the Vatican’s colloquium on the subject. He said: I would like to begin by sharing with you a reflection on the title of your colloquium. “Complementarity”: it is a precious word, with multiple meanings. It can refers to situations where one of two things adds to, […]

Vatican Astronomer and Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno Wins the Carl Sagan Medal

Earlier this week, Br. Guy Consolmagno was awarded “one of planetary science’s most prestigious awards,” the Carl Sagan Medal. It is the first time a member of the clergy has won the award. It is an encouraging result for those of us who believe in the fundamental compatibility of science and religion, as well as […]

Holy Cross Final Vows Special Feature

What motivates men to enter the priesthood? Check out this great video, where a group of young men anticipates their final vows with a spirit of passion and idealism:


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