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Jim Foley, Faith, and Heroic Journalism

A new video online shows the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS. Questions remain over how he fell into the hands of ISIS, as many thought he was being held captive by the Syrian regime: What is unclear is if previous investigations into Foley’s whereabouts were inaccurate, if ISIS militants somehow captured Foley […]

Are Payday Loans a Form of Theft?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver recently had a good segment on an issue that seems to fly under the radar: predatory lending, specifically payday loans (caution: some may find the content of the video offensive…it is HBO, after all). Bishop Stephen Blaire and the USCCB took a strong stand on this issue last year: […]

Pope Francis’ Top 10 Keys to Happiness

Here are 10 keys to happiness outlined by Pope Francis in his latest interview (via CNS and Patheos): Live and let live Be giving of yourself to others Be kind, humble, and calm Have a healthy sense of leisure Sundays are for family time, not work Find dignified work for young people Care for creation […]

Pope Francis Pulls Over His Car to Bless, Kiss Disabled Woman

Another day, another inspiring act by Pope Francis. via The Daily Mail: Pope Francis stopped his car on a quiet country highway to kiss a young disabled women who was waiting by the side of the road with her family to see him pass. The leader of the Catholic Church had been returning from an […]

Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza on Poverty, Structural Sin, Nuns, and a Broader Pro-Life Agenda

Faith in Public Life’s John Gehring recently interviewed Joseph Fiorenza, Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and a former president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Gehring asked a superb set of questions, and the Archbishop responded with equally excellent answers. Here are some of the highlights of the Archbishop’s responses: The Pope […]

Pope Francis on Work, Unemployment, Mass Migration, and Solidarity

Last week, Pope Francis delivered a message to the International Labour Conference (ILO). Here are some highlights: The dignity of work “At the dawn of creation, God made man the steward of his handiwork and charged him to cultivate and protect it.  Human labour is part of that creation and continues God’s creative work.  This […]

Breaking News: Israeli, Palestinian leaders to visit Vatican to Restart Peace Talks

Via USA Today: Israeli and Palestinian leaders accepted an invitation to the Vatican next month from Pope Francis, who urged the two sides to make sacrifices to achieve peace Sunday during his first visit as pontiff to the Middle East. Pope Francis spoke about the necessity of building peace: “Building peace is difficult, but living […]


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