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On Love and Dignity and Dying

This post by Jason Welle, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post. Maybe by now you’ve heard the story of the California woman who shortly after her 29th birthday learned that she had brain cancer. About two months after her initial diagnosis, she learned that it was a very aggressive, incurable cancer and she […]

Why All Neutral Baseball Fans Should Back the Royals

Traditional sources of community have been frayed in modern American life. People change jobs more frequently, are more likely to relocate across the country from their family and friends, and local clubs and organizations have declined in membership. One enduring source of community, however, is sports. While the players might come and go more frequently […]

Before You Know It: Learning to Love

This post by Brendan Busse, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post. My memory stinks. It’s incredible how little content I actually remember from my own schooling. As a teacher this both frustrated me and liberated me from the ego-driven worry that my students would receive, savor, and treasure every last pearl that dropped from my […]

Are You Not Entertained?: How Should NFL Fans Respond to Off-the-Field Violence?

In the days leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, journalists pondered whether the NFL’s drive to increase revenue might come at the cost of squeezing out the NFL’s broadest fan base. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell enticed owners back in 2010 with the goal of tripling league revenue to $25 billion by 2027. As USA […]

If I Were A Boy: Beyonce, Jesus, and I

This post by Eric Immel, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post. I recently stumbled upon the Beyoncélogues. These videos are the brainchild of actress Nina Millin and they deserve a million views on YouTube. Her idea is simple–strip away the all-powerful pop-goodness of Sasha Fierce’s best tracks and perform them as dramatic monologues.  As […]

Through a Father’s Eyes

“She’s so cute. I mean, all babies are cute, but she is seriously, like, the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.” People tell me how cute or beautiful or totes presh my 16-month old daughter is basically every day we are out and about, and I’ve heard some version of that initial quote about a dozen […]

The Vision of Catholic Social Thought, Solidarity, and Human Rights

A Review of The Vision of Catholic Social Thought: The Virtue of Solidarity and the Praxis of Human Rights by Meghan Clark In The Vision of Catholic Social Thought, Meghan Clark shows a truly exceptional understanding of Catholic Social Teaching—both in her knowledge of the key documents in the tradition and its development and, more […]


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