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Fr. Frans, Holy Week, and Paradoxical Tears

Though the conflict in Syria is raging less than 50 miles away from my home in Amman and the effects of the war can be seen and felt in countless ways throughout the country, I have lacked much of any emotional reaction to the horrific humanitarian, cultural, and environmental destruction that is occurring just beyond […]

Prudence and Climate Change: How the Church Can Help Our Response to Climate Science

In his 1990 World Day of Peace Message, Pope John Paul II recognized that “[t]he gradual depletion of the ozone layer and the related ‘greenhouse effect’ has now reached crisis proportions as a consequence of industrial growth, massive urban concentrations and vastly increased energy needs.” At the time he delivered that message, the global atmospheric […]

Global Catholicism: The Church is Changing, But Not How We Might Think

This post by Jeremy Zipple, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post. A friend once told me she’d love to be a fly on the wall at Jesuit community dinners. “I’d learn a ton,” she said, implying, I guess, that a tableful of overly educated guys with varied interests could surely produce some profitable […]

The Catholic Church’s Drinking Problem

Creighton Prep, a Jesuit High School in Omaha, Nebraska, will begin testing their students for drug and alcohol use next year. A first positive test will result in counseling, a second in disciplinary action, and a third in dismissal. While some libertarians are irritated, many parents are thrilled the school is creating an environment that […]

Time to Listen to Francis and Go Back to Confession?

A lot of millennial Catholics do not go to confession regularly. I am one of them. We are far more likely to make confessions on the internet than to a priest (see: previous sentence). Overall, around 75% of Catholics never go to confession or go less than once a year, according to a study from […]


The Beauty of Breastfeeding

[This post by Jeff Sullivan, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post] “Do you mind if I feed Jonathan?” my sister-in-law asked me as she threw an oversized blanket over her shoulder – but the question she was posing to me wasn’t really “if,” it was “where.” My sister-in-law was gauging whether or not I […]


Reducing Abortions: Laws or Welfare?

One of the most vigorous debates among pro-life millennials concerns the best way to reduce the high rates of abortion that currently exist in the United States. Pro-life progressives have criticized the lobbying and lawmaking strategy of conservatives, one which has focused since the early 1980s on incremental measures to gradually choke off access to […]


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