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On Gratitude by Michael Sean Winters: “Gratitude is not a fleeting emotion, but a statement of faith, a stance born of faith and demanded by faith and blessed by faith. It is gratitude that allows us to bury old friends and welcome new ones, to receive life as a gift to be treasured, a commitment to the real, live human beings whom we encounter. Gratitude is the recognition, made with our eyes open, that God is good to us, so good, and that, clinging to Him, we can be truly good to one another. Gratitude destroys the myth of human monotony and awakens us to the genuine newness of creation and the genuine newness of the New Creation.”

The Ambition Explosion by David Brooks: “The real contradiction of capitalism is that it arouses enormous ambition, but it doesn’t help you define where you should focus it. It doesn’t define an end to which you should devote your life. It nurtures the illusion that career and economic success can lead to fulfillment, which is the central illusion of our time.”

Book review: ‘The Great Reformer,’ Pope Francis, by Austen Ivereigh by Elizabeth Tenety: “In this new era for the church, the pope is able to make ancient church teaching sound like headline news and is himself a constant trending topic on social media. It wasn’t long ago that the church was dismissed as passé and unable to change, but now, 2,000 years after the death of Christ, the Catholic Church seems resurgent. Who is this larger-than-life man leading the charge?”

In Ferguson, where next? by Michael Gerson: “What might national media and political figures do now to be genuinely helpful? Measure the results of the Ferguson Commission in 100 days, in a year. Press other communities to engage in urgent self-reflection and reform before tragedy forces their hand. Even more: Present the vision of a shared future in a common country — including rich and poor, black and white — instead of sweeping up the glass.”

Faith and Science: 15 Questions for Dr. Stephen Barr by Sean Salai, S.J.: “I have never felt there to be such a conflict; rather, science and the Catholic faith have always seemed to me profoundly in harmony. Both involve a conviction that the world makes sense and that everything fits together in some coherent way. Physics gives us a wonderfully coherent picture of the physical world, the world of sensible and measurable things. The Catholic faith gives us a wonderfully coherent view of reality as a whole. Science is based on faith in the power of human reason to understand the world. The Catholic faith tells us that the world is the product of eternal Reason, the Logos of God.”

Empowering women can lead to solutions for hunger, poverty by Sarah McCarthy: “The main findings of the hunger report indicated that by empowering women and girls around the world, hunger, extreme poverty and malnutrition can be diminished.”

The Church in Africa Speaks Out for Democracy by Stephen Hilbert and Julie Bodnar: “The situation in Burkina Faso clearly shows that civil society wants accountable leaders and good governance, not the monopolization of political power that occurs when constitutions are amended and term limits weakened.”