Lenten Reflection Series: Playing Our Role

Jesus’ hour has almost come; the actors are ready to play their roles and the show is about to go on. With only six days before the great celebration, which role will you play?

There is Martha, giving of herself in joyful service, waiting on the needs of the Lord and the people of God. Mary, sacrificing her time, talent, and treasure to please the Lord. Judas, outwardly standing with Jesus in His mission, but secretly focused only on himself. And finally, Lazarus, transformed and saved by Jesus, standing by Him to share in his persecution.

What’s amazing about this story is that, even though each person does not work in the same way or even for Jesus’ benefit, Jesus is able to use each of them to fulfill his mission. There is great comfort in this—that He is in control, not me. There is great joy in this—that I am a part of salvation history, not just watching.

Br. Casey Cole, OFM, is a temporary professed Franciscan Friar studying at the Catholic University of America and is the writer of the blog Breaking In The Habit.