Catholic at 30: Renewing My Sense of Wonder

Millennial writer Mike Jordan Laskey has a new article at NCR. He writes:

Sometimes, I reflect on why I’m still here when a lot of my Catholic friends have drifted away. When I was in high school, I started to hunger for meaning, as many kids that age do: What am I here on Earth for? Why this church and not another church or no church? What is true? Why is the world so unjust? Is God even real? My parish had this amazing youth minister named Sean who wasn’t afraid to take on these big questions, and we talked about them in church meeting rooms, on carpool rides to a service project, and on retreats. These conversations were the soundtrack to the activities we participated in, and it was through this combination of thinking, talking, and acting that I discovered the Catholic church to be a beautiful community that had been asking and trying to answer the same questions for a couple millennia. I found that my own tradition was compelling and relevant, and this belief has stuck.

In the everydayness of life as a 30-year-old husband, father, son, brother, friend, neighbor, and worker, it’s easy to lose the excitement I found in the church half my life ago. I think my main religious project for my years north of 30 should be renewing this sense of wonder, which might have been what Jesus was talking about when he said you need faith like a child’s to enter the kingdom of heaven. Or, in 21st-century words: Age is just a number, stop obsessing, live with joy.

You can read the full article here.