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As Wedding Costs Rise, Perhaps It’s Time to Invest More in Marriage Prep by Amber Lapp: “If wedding planning is beginning to crowd out time and resources that could be better used helping couples actually prepare for marriage, it’s time for a new version of engagement—one that is driven less by commercial concerns and is more about establishing the kinds of supports most helpful to the couple in their new life together.”

The images Saudi Arabia doesn’t want you to see by Clarissa Ward, Salma Abdelaziz, Giles Clarke: “Yemen is in the grip of a vicious cholera outbreak and a near famine that have coincided to create one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet. But you won’t find the story splashed on front pages and leading news bulletins around the globe — Yemen’s grinding two-and-a-half-year civil conflict, between Houthi militants and a Saudi Arabian-led coalition of Arab states that support the former Hadi government, is often called “the silent war” because it receives relatively little attention in the media.”

‘If you don’t think Francis is the cure, you don’t grasp the disease,’ CL head says by John L. Allen Jr. and Ines San Martin: “In essence, Carrón’s book is a synthesis of the vision for Christian life that comes from Giussani, as amplified by each of the last three popes. The key idea is that Christianity is about “disarmed beauty,” meaning a way of life that imposes itself through no power other than its own inherent attractiveness.”

The Vacuum Christian Indifference Creates by Justin Giboney: “Christians have been called to speak the truth in love, a command that bears itself out in the tone, focus, and substance of social and political outreach. Social justice that has the gospel at the center is both active and redemptive.”

Panicking with Grace: A Spirituality for Whatever’s Next by Teresa Donnellan: “This period of my life is far from over, and the task of shaping my adult life is still daunting. But I am optimistic that with the grace of God I will be able to recognize what God intends for me.”

The immoral Senate health care bill by Michael Sean Winters: “Both the House and Senate bills are exercises in Social Darwinism, a way to reward the wealthy and the healthy and to place heavier burdens on the poor. It is morally repugnant.”