Bishop Coyne: We Must Listen to Pope Francis on Protecting Creation to Help Our World Survive

Bishop Christopher Coyne writes:

Pope Francis in his encyclical “Laudato Si’ spoke eloquently and strongly against a “throw-away” culture that does not see the Earth as a place to be cultivated and sustained as the sphere in which we come to know God’s love, but instead sees the Earth and its resources as something only to be used and discarded when no longer useful. He warns against the pollution of our seas with discarded plastic, the destruction of diverse earthly habitats for humanity’s enrichment only, the scarcity of water that arises from unbridled industrialization, and the tragic reality of seeing other human beings as disposable when they are not useful or when they hinder personal choices. Pope Francis’ voice is one we must listen to if we are going to help our world survive.

We will soon celebrate the feast day of the pope’s namesake, St. Francis of Assisi. This great saint’s affinity and love for creation is one that we should emulate every day of our lives. Each day is a reminder of the great first act of creation in which God said, “Let there be light.” May the dawn from on high break upon us in the glory of creation and the hope of salvation in Christ.