Cardinal Cupich on Catholics Who Use Libertarianism to Distort Catholic Teaching

via Brian Roewe: As Catholics and other people of faith take measures to better safeguard the environment, they must be aware of the opposing tides they’re up against, including libertarian strains within their own flocks, said Cardinal Blase Cupich during a recent webinar. Cupich said that while Catholic and other religions’ teachings make clear that … Read More

MSW on Libertarianism and Publishing Sophomoric Distortions of Catholic Teaching

Michael Sean Winters writes: I do not think 10 minutes passed after America magazine’s publication of Stephanie Slade’s essay “A Libertarian Case for the Common Good” before my inbox filled with emails asking when I would respond. Pointing out the incompatibility of libertarianism and Catholic social thought has been one of the principal focuses of … Read More

Pope Francis Bashes Economic Libertarianism in New Message

via Vatican Radio: Pope Francis has sent a Message to the participants in the G20 meeting taking place in Germany July 7-8. The Message is addressed to the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and details what the Holy Father recognizes as four principles of action for the building of fraternal, just and peaceful societies: time is … Read More

Pope Francis Denounces ‘Invasion’ of Libertarian Individualism

In a recent message, Pope Francis denounced libertarianism and the individualism that inspires it: I cannot but speak of the serious risks associated with the invasion, at high levels of culture and education in both universities and in schools, of positions of libertarian individualism. A common feature of this fallacious paradigm is that it minimizes … Read More

Pope Francis’ Mercy vs. Left-wing Libertarianism

Millennial writer Meghan Clark has a new article at America responding to a NY Times op-ed that accuses Pope Francis of cruelty because he affirmed the Church’s opposition to abortion as he announced that all priests would be able to grant sacramental forgiveness to those who have procured an abortion during the Jubilee Year of … Read More

Solidarity: The Theological Antidote to Libertarianism

Check out this outstanding panel discussion from the recent Erroneous Autonomy: A Conversation on Solidarity & Faith event, which includes Millennial‘s Meghan Clark, along with Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance; James Bratt of Calvin College; and Lisa Sharon Harper, Senior Director for Mobilizing at Sojourners: