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Cardinal O’Malley Explains the Vulnerability of Many Immigrants in One Story

Cardinal Sean O’Malley recounted this powerful story at the launch of Crux, which I had heard previously, but found just as compelling: I often share the story of my first days at the ‘Centro Católico’ when I was visited by a man form El Salvador who sat at my desk and bursts into tears as […]

Fully Alive: Fr. John Main, Christian Meditation, and the Search for the Transcendent

It’s not uncommon for young people to look outside of the Christian tradition for a deeper spiritual experience. Fully Alive: The Daily Path of Christian Meditation by Fr. John Main is a reminder that this is not necessary. Meditation and contemplation have a home in the Catholic tradition, albeit one that is too often overlooked […]

Obama: Dignity, Justice, Democracy, and Freedom Will Win

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has made one thing clear: his regime poses a threat to not only global security and justice (as we have seen with his defense of regimes engaged in mass murder), but also international peace and order—the order that restricts countries from invading their neighbors and stealing their land. The gravity […]

Through a Father’s Eyes

“She’s so cute. I mean, all babies are cute, but she is seriously, like, the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.” People tell me how cute or beautiful or totes presh my 16-month old daughter is basically every day we are out and about, and I’ve heard some version of that initial quote about a dozen […]

The Vision of Catholic Social Thought, Solidarity, and Human Rights

A Review of The Vision of Catholic Social Thought: The Virtue of Solidarity and the Praxis of Human Rights by Meghan Clark In The Vision of Catholic Social Thought, Meghan Clark shows a truly exceptional understanding of Catholic Social Teaching—both in her knowledge of the key documents in the tradition and its development and, more […]

The Importance of Caring About Iraqi Christians, But Rejecting Sectarianism

The international community and the United States have responded to the crisis in Iraq, and perhaps thousands of people are escaping imminent death thanks to US airstrikes, but only time will tell if this measured response is sufficient. Thousands are still extremely vulnerable, particularly those Yazidis remaining on Mount Sinjar: There is no other way […]

Fears of Genocide Grow in Iraq

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) is once again gaining ground in Iraq. As it increases its control of Iraqi territory, it has engaged in mass atrocities and terrorism, while increasingly implementing its totalitarian vision. Kurdish forces have been resisting the Islamic State’s advance, but were forced to pull back in recent days, exposing more […]


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