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Blessed are the Peacekeepers?

In a recent speech, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power described the vital interest and critical role the United States has in peacekeeping. Power described how intrastate conflicts can displace vulnerable populations, spill across borders, destabilize neighboring countries, undermine economic progress, reverse democratization and disrupt civil society, allow criminals and repressive regimes to […]

Pope Francis and the Future of Europe

Pope Francis’ recent speech to the European Parliament is an exceptional articulation of how Christian principles should shape the public life and how these values are connected to the European project and its commitment to democracy and human rights. It is perhaps his most intellectually rich speech—one that Europeans and non-Europeans alike would benefit from […]

Sister Rosemary Connelly Selected as a Chicagoan of the Year

Sister Rosemary Connelly has been recognized for her exceptional work: Connelly, now 83, has been running Misericordia with a kind smile and an iron will ever since. Under her leadership, the nonprofit that began as a small nursing home on the Southwest Side now has nearly 1,000 staffers to serve the 600 children and adults […]

Top 15 Quotes from Archbishop Cupich’s Installation Mass Homily

Blase Cupich was installed as the ninth archbishop of Chicago yesterday. His homily seemed to outline his vision and what his central focus will be in the coming years, and his words were very encouraging. Here are fifteen quotes that caught my attention: “I intend to honor and give thanks for…family and immigrants, Native Americans […]

Building a Lasting Peace in the Central African Republic

Three of the most important religious leaders in the Central African Republic have done an incredible job working to build peace in their fractured country. Imam Omar Kabine Layama, Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, and Reverend Nicolas Guérékoyamé Gbangou were included in this year’s Time 100 for their efforts. They recently spoke at Catholic University at an […]

Pope Francis: Choose Love and Justice, Not Legalism

One of the great temptations for any organized religion is legalism, in which the particular rules delineated by the religion and their strict enforcement become the focus of the faith, while the animating principles and mission of the faith lose their preeminence. This is particularly true of the Catholic Church, which has central authority, Canon […]

Why All Neutral Baseball Fans Should Back the Royals

Traditional sources of community have been frayed in modern American life. People change jobs more frequently, are more likely to relocate across the country from their family and friends, and local clubs and organizations have declined in membership. One enduring source of community, however, is sports. While the players might come and go more frequently […]


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