Guest Writers

Matt Aujero

Waging War on Porn: Trial and Triumph at our Finger Tips

Mary Beth Baker

The Audacity of a Child of God

Michael Bayer

Ash Wednesday Selfies: Christian Witness on the Digital Streets

Katherine Beck

Don’t Be an Observer: Our Generation’s Call to Defend Life

Caleb Bernacchio

Plain Persons, Popes, and the Benedict Option

Pope Francis, Our Energy Addiction, and the Socially Disruptive Virtue of Temperance

Gabriela Maya Bernadett

Catholicism: A Story of Identity

Gabby Bibeau

Liturgy and Perfection

Student Loan Debt vs. Vocations

Jon Bishop

Walker Percy and the Millennials

Julie Bodnar

Poverty in the World is a Scandal: Strengthen Funding for Poverty-Focused Aid and Development

William Bornhoft

The Latin Mass Is Not the Key to the New Evangelization

Douthat’s Concession: The Separation of Church and Punditry?

Maureen Burke

No One Should Freeze to Death on the Street. Ever.

There Shall Be No Poor among You

Leading with Vulnerability (and Getting Hit over the Head with an Umbrella)

Colleen Campbell

In the Wake of Another Crisis, Remembering Who the Church is

Alvin Carlos

God vs. Your Financial Planner

5 Ways to Be Good Stewards of Our Money

Ryan Casey

All Catholic Bishops Must Act on Medicaid Expansion

Andrew Christian

How Can Teachers Unions Be Engines of Progress?

Stephanie Clary

We Need a Whole Life Response to Extreme Access-to-Abortion Laws

Why Do People Enjoy Films?

Noah the Environmentalist: The Great Flood and Ecological Justice Today

Emily Conron

Called to Sacrifice: What Can We Give Up to Enrich Others This Lent?

Prioritizing the Poor in Global Health

Molly Daily

Why I’m (Still) Angry at Stephen Hawking

Politics Alone Won’t Save Us. Let’s Get to Work.

Christopher Damian

When Rights Meet Reality

Jordan Denari

The Way of Perfection: Carmelites in Contemporary Life

Fr. Frans, Holy Week, and Paradoxical Tears

Katie Diller

Book Review: Mercy in the City

Emily Dillon

Reclaiming Faith

John Dougherty

Practical Holiness

Paul Fahey

Catholic Social Teaching, Private Property, and the Redistribution of Wealth

Families as Schools of Solidarity

Chris Fegan

Standing with Iraq’s Christians – And All of Its Persecuted Innocents

Ben Feuerherd

Catholics Taking the Pledge on Climate Change

Michael Fischer

Reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ During Lent

Ghostwriting the Faith: Reflections on Pope Francis’ Lumen Fidei

A Voice Crying Out in the Blogosphere: Pope Francis and the Problem of Poverty and Action

Fr. Brown: A Model for Young Catholics in the 21st Century

Completa de Fide: The Encyclical on Faith and the Foundation of the 21st Century Church

Patrick Furlong

Despite All the Evidence to the Contrary

Desiree Garcia

Why Dianne Feinstein’s Approach to Amy Barrett Threatens Latinas

Isaac Garcia

Reclaiming the Internet of My Youth

Charlie Gardner

Beyond Networking: Fostering Authentic Friendships

Catherine Goggins

The Wise Men Went Another Way and So Must We to Protect Creation

Meghan Goodwin

In Defense of the Human Rights of Emigration and Asylum

Vincent Gragnani

Stop Calling the SF Handbook Additions a Morality Clause

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh

Matt Gritzmacher

Laudato Si Addresses Climate Change, Environmental Threats But ‘Integral Ecology’ is the Key

Chris Hazell

Suicide and Man’s Search for Meaning

Jenny Heipp

Is the Francis Effect Real?

7 Surprising Ways that Pope Francis’ Encyclical is Calling You to Change

Black Churches are Burning, the Faith Community Must Act

Patrick Higgins

Can We Stop Sexual Harassment and Abuse When Most Men Habitually Objectify Women with Pornography?

Brigid Hogan

Romero Remains Relevant

A Spotlight on Abuse: Healing the Wounds of the World through Truth, Justice, and Solidarity

Meg Hunter-Kilmer

30 Lessons from My First 30 Years

Joe Kolar

Catholics Down the Road, But a World Apart

Jennifer Labbadia

A New Focus on Women’s Equality with a Record Number of Women in Congress?

The Saint of 9/11 and the “Gifts and Qualities” of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics

Jessica Keating

Children Deserve the Best

Rebecca Krier

“I Wasn’t Home for Christmas”: Reconciling Family and the Kingdom

Jonathan Lewis

Top 10 Ways to Stay Catholic after College

The Danger of Pope Francis

Madelyn Lugli

The Easter Rising at 100: What Role Did the Church Play?

Hey Coach, Immigrants Made America Great

Margaret Manning

Running the Race and Keeping the Faith

Dan Masterton

How Single Catholics Can Approach Meeting People

Christian Matozzo

Donald Trump is Now the Standard-Bearer of the Pro-Life Movement. We Should be Ashamed.

Matt Mazewski

The Bishops: Right on Immigration, Wrong on Immigration Reform

Megan McCabe

Hookup Culture as Rape Culture: A Shared Complicity

Kyle McCaffery

Life after the Election: The Jubilee Year of Mercy was Just Practice

Thomas McHale

Why Bernard Nathanson Inspires Me

A View from the Road: The Gift of Solidarity

Pedagogy of Suffering: John Paul II’s Victory

Rhonda Miska

The America We Want: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now

Brianna Murphy

Faith, Reason, and the Secular Perspective

Kat O’Loughlin

When it’s Hardest to Pray, We Must

Patience in the Time of Unemployment

In new saint, a painful past but promise for a hopeful future

Timothy O’Malley

Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel

A Politics of Memory and Hope: The Catholic Political Ethos of In the Heights

Katie O’Neill

Rollin’ with the Saints

Stephen Okey

Led by the Spirit into the Unknown

Who is My Digital Neighbor?

Allen Ottaro

An African Perspective on the next Pope

Michael Owens

On “The Name of God is Mercy”

Chase Padusniak

Millennial Catholics and the Fight against Extremism

Christiana Z. Peppard

Liberty, Idolatry, and the Culture of Violence

Susan Reynolds

After the Women’s March, Let’s Build a New Coalition for the Vulnerable

Renée Darline Roden

We Can’t Let Outrage and Distrust Dominate Our National Discourse

Carlos Rodriguez

“Let the Children Come to Me” vs. Nativism

Alessandro Rovati

Mercy is a Person: Reflections on the Papal Bull “Misericordiae Vultus”

Michael Sanem

Church of Displaced Persons

Beth Ann Saracco

A Valentine’s Day Reflection: A Story of Unrequited Love

Anna Floerke Scheid

Inspired by Nelson Mandela

Annie Selak 

Taylor Swift: The Next Great Theologian?

Stephen Seufert

Poverty, Capitalism, and Pope Francis

How We Should Respond to Violence and Division

The Need for a More Pastoral Approach toward Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics

An Economy of Inclusion and Solidarity for the 21st Century

Rebecca Sharbaugh

Letter to a “Conservative” Catholic

Mike St. Thomas

Beyond Textbooks: Awakening Students to the Transcendent

How to Think Like Huck Finn

Andrew Staron

Five Things I Learned from the Jesuits

Francis and a Risk of Madness

Jes Stevens

Immigration Reform is a Pro-life Issue

Economic Justice is Essential to Strengthening American Families

Anna Sutherland

Conservatives Must Increase Economic Security Not Undermine It

Jeff Thomas

Living the 4th

Wendy Torres

Before Noon: Life and Death in a Throwaway Culture

Matthew Tyson

Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Local Politics

Leading Democrats Clash Over Creating an Abortion Litmus Test

Stop the Excuses: Working for Social Justice is Not Optional for Catholics

The Right To Healthcare Is Owed, Not Earned

April Vázquez

The Garden of Cats: On Heroism

Donald Trump’s Supporters and the Banality of Evil

Jillian Veader

Why Young People Should Embrace the Whole Life Movement

Robert Vega

Assisted Suicide and Authentic Love

Jeff Wallace

Building a Whole Life Culture: The Culture of Death Includes Poverty, Hunger, Oppression, Exploitation, and Abortion

Do You See What I See? A Society Still Divided by Race

Allison Walter

Bringing Chips to the Potluck: Taxation and Inequality in the American System

Kerry Weber

Mercy in the City: Making Mercy a Verb

Matthias Witt

It is Time for Europe’s “Pope Francis Moment”