Top 10 Ways to Stay Catholic after College


1. Stay Connected to your Past: Maintain close relationships with those who have encouraged and supported you up to this point in your faith life (family, HS/college friends, teachers, campus ministers, etc.)

2. Go to Mass every Sunday: Find people to go to Mass with—do not regularly sit alone; form a small community of Catholic friends.

3. Find a Parish: Parish hop if you need to, but not forever; register in a parish, introduce yourself to the pastor…meet with him and get to know what’s happening in the Diocese’s Office of Young Adult Ministry.


4. Build Good PIES Habits: (Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually), establish a prayer routine and faith rituals (advent wreath, morning offering, Examen, Night Prayer, Reconciliation, etc.)

5. Use your Gifts: Take time to cultivate your gifts and reflect on how to activate them in your daily life.  Find a mentor/spiritual director with whom you can reflect.

6. Continue Learning and Growing in your Faith: Take time for personal reading, group book clubs, retreats, Bible studies, etc.


7. Volunteer at your Parish: Consider serving as a youth ministry volunteer, religious education catechist, RCIA, service organizations, lector, etc.

8. Serve Those in Need: There is a Catholic Charities in every diocese!

9. Be proactive: Bring your faith “A game” even without cheerleaders like campus ministers or a strong peer community encouraging you and reminding you to live your faith.

10. Be an Evangelizer: Echo first with your deeds, but be willing to invite friends to Mass and talk about faith and things that matter.

Jonathan Lewis serves as the Coordinator of Evangelization and Young Adult Initiatives for the Archdiocese of Washington.