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Cardinal Turkson: Fraternity is Our True Vocation

Cardinal Peter Turkson recently spoke at the “Giving Europe a Soul – European Unification in reconciled Diversity – Foundation of a social ethical network for Eastern and Central Europe” conference. His address included some great insights that are relevant to those in Europe and around the globe. He noted the need for our societies to […]

AltFem: Reconciling Faith and Feminism

Last Wednesday, a new online magazine that seeks to reconcile religious faith with feminism had its launch party, featuring three eclectic panels of speakers who offered their own thoughts on the subject. The discussions were fascinating and showed the value of the periodical if it can live up to the potential displayed at the event. […]

Ending Discrimination Against Pregnant Women: An Interview with Thomas Berg

Numerous pro-life organizations recently filed a friend of the court brief in the Supreme Court for an important case on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, Young v. United Parcel Service. Among those organizations filing the brief was Democrats For Life of America (DFLA). Millennial editor Robert Christian, a senior fellow at DFLA, interviewed University […]

St. Vincent de Paul: Patron of the poor

Millennial writer Meghan Clark has a new article in US Catholic. She writes: Turn away from the new iPhone and toward your neighbor. This is the message of Pope Francis—to reject what he labels the “throwaway culture” in which not just possessions but people are disposable when a newer, flashier model appears. Instead of spiritual […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and OMG!

My mother had two rules for my sisters and me as we were growing up: never lie, and never make anyone feel bad on purpose.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that most of the lies I tell my mom are designed to keep her from worrying quite so much about me (i.e. to keep her […]

Pope Francis’s Winds of Change Cross the Atlantic

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale has a new article in Time Magazine. He writes: By choosing Cupich in his first major appointment to the United States, Pope Francis has signaled that the pastoral revolution that has marked his papacy will be institutionalized long after his tenure ends as the Bishop of Rome. So what exactly makes […]

Beheadings, Beatings, and Blessings: The Power of the Image

Earlier this month, people around the world were appalled by a video posted online by ISIS in which a member of the terrorist organization beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff. This past week, Americans were again disgusted by news reports, this time concerning two NFL players—Adrian Peterson, who disciplined his 4-year old son with a switch, […]


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