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If We Are Going To Kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, We Shouldn’t Sanitize It or Turn Away

The population of my hometown in 1801 was 2,000 hardy souls. On September 10th of that year, 10,000 people gathered on the Town Common. What caused the population to swell to five times its usual size? A good old fashioned hanging. Earlier that year, Jason Fairbanks murdered his girlfriend—or failed in his half of a […]

Papal Authority and Climate Change

Millennial writer Daniel DiLeo has a new article at US Catholic. He writes: This encyclical will have the ability to inspire faith-based environmental action and make a positive change in the world. However, this will only happen if Catholics recognize the authority of the document and receive its teaching accordingly. Some commentators have already mischaracterized […]

The Templeton Prize Student Round Table With Jean Vanier

The 2015 Templeton Prize Laureate, Jean Vanier, was joined by school and university students for a round table discussion in London earlier this week. He offered some great thoughts, including: “We will be healed from those who have been hurt.” Check out the following short clips from the discussion:

2016 Candidates Must Step Up to the Pope Francis Challenge

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale has a new article in Time. He writes: The times have changed. While Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority brought Catholics and Evangelicals together in the 1980s to promote traditional family values, prayer in school, and to outlaw abortion, today’s coalition has a much broader and altogether different agenda. President Obama might rightly […]

Profile of Catholic Blogger Rocco Palmo

Check out this great Real to Reel profile and interview with prominent Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo, a millennial Catholic:

CJH on BBC World News: Pope Francis welcomes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale appeared on BBC World News to discuss Pope Francis’ meeting with Mahmoud Abbas and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East:

Millennial Co-founder Christopher Hale on MSNBC

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale appeared on the Melissa Harris-Perry show earlier today on MSNBC. Click below to watch the full video: Why are we seeing a decline in religious affiliation?


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