Statement from Millennial Regarding Attacks on Americans in Libya

Today unspeakable violence has stained our world again. The heinous murders of four American diplomats in Libya, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens are as Secretary of State Clinton said “shock[ing] to the consciences of people of all faiths around the world.”

Though politicos and pundits are already trying to weigh the political consequences of this tragedy, we as Catholics choose to set aside politics and stand in quiet and reflective prayer.

We know that God is the source of our peace and that Christ himself is that peace.

Our lives on this planet are too short to continue to let this spirit of violence flourish any longer. We must remember that those we live with in this world—even if only for a time—are our brothers and our sisters.

And that they seek what we seek: nothing but the chance to live their lives with purpose and with joy. Surely this common goal can remind us of our common destiny.

Today we pray that we can work harder to bind the wounds between the nations and live as children of God and brothers and sisters of a single human family once again.