To the Martyrs of the UCA

To the Martyrs of the UCA
By Luis Sebastian

I saw you reach port, one by one,
your ships laden with achievements
and the prizes caught in your nets
in a few years of intense labor.

I saw you arrive with bouquets of carnations
red like the blood of my people,
cut at night, still fresh.
I saw you reach port, one by one,
seeking rest after so much effort.
You all came tired but happy
as you used to come from the playing field.

You came smiling, but serious,
You were leaving the death squads behind,
the bombings and midnight mountain flight.
You are free now from the torture,
but the people keep on suffering.

chosen and loved without their knowing.
I chose El Salvador to judge the world,
to separate the bad from the good,
to kiss the poor on the forehead
and fill the mansions of my kingdom.

Ellacu, Nacho, Amando
Lolo, Segundo, Moreno.

Come blessed of my eternal Father,
martyrs for faith and for justice;
you are the red jewels of my royal robe.

Miguel Antonio Bonilla , Réquiem para los mártires