Thoughts On Gratitude

Fr. Jim Martin of America offers his reflections on gratitude and savoring in a clip worth watching:

MSW also has a column where he reflects on gratitude.  One of the best parts is his reflection on our acquisitive culture and how it can lead us away from gratitude and authentic happiness:

Ours is an acquisitive culture. Indeed, acquisitiveness may be its most dominant feature. We are endlessly instructed via television advertising, newspaper advertising, through conversations with friends, that if we only go to this new fancy restaurant, or drive this particular new car, or purchase this hair care product or laundry detergent, or secure that corner office, or indulge this particular appetite, or don this new jacket, then we shall be happy. This deepest desire of the human heart, the desire to love and be loved, to be happy, has been cheapened into a desire to be loved and happy on account of something for purchase, something extraneous.