This reflection is paraphrased from a commercial I saw many years ago from Catholics Come Home:

I take this time to the celebrate the faith.

The Catholic Church is a family made up of every race. We are young and old, rich and poor, men and women, all sinners and saints.

Our family has spanned the centuries. With God’s grace, we started hospitals to care for the sick.

We establish orphanages and help the poor. While we fight for justice, we are the largest charitable organization on the planet, bringing relief and comfort to those in need.

We developed the scientific method and laws of research.

We founded the collegiate system.

We defend the dignity of all human life.

For centuries, we have prayed for you and our world,
every hour of every day, whenever we celebrate the Mass.

Despite our own failures, for over 2,000 years, we have had an unbroken line of shepherds guiding the Catholic Church, most with love in a hurting world.

And in this world filled with chaos, hardship and pain, its comforting to know that some things remain consistent and strong, our Catholic faith and the eternal love that God has for all creation.

May God ever bless this very human family under the leadership of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis.