Millennial Turns One

Millennial launched one year ago today. I just wanted to thank all of our readers; you are the ones who have made Millennial a success. My dream scenario was to get 100,000 hits this year. I never thought we would blow by that number months ago or get 50,000 hits in a month. I wasn’t expecting that people would be hearing about Millennial in the Washington Post, USA Today, The Daily Beast, and on so many great Catholic and religious sites. From the beginning, our mentality was to write quality posts and articles (rather than superficial, salacious posts to maximize traffic) and that the numbers would take care of themselves. You have rewarded us for our faith, and we are grateful.

I want to thank the writers for their time and dedication, as well as the quality of their articles. Both in the topics they have chosen to write about and the way they have written them, they have shown a consistent moral and intellectual seriousness that has impressed me. I’m impressed by their ability to steer clear of the pack mentality, shortcuts, and moral arrogance I so often come across in other periodicals (I must add that there’s a lot of quality writing out there, as well). It is easy to skip the hard work of thinking though a position fully and looking for weaknesses in one’s own arguments, especially when people who think the same way and even those we like or admire are doing precisely that, but I have been pleased by our writers’ commitment to both nuance and moral clarity and their rejection of talking past others, feigning expertise, and preaching to the choir. They have surpassed my expectations in their fairness, accuracy, clarity, and commitment to crafting arguments designed to convince others. They have been civil but not to the point of sugarcoating or ignoring the truth.

Millennial was created to provide a forum for those who are neither doctrinaire conservatives nor liberals. It was created to showcase the work of those with a personalist, communitarian orientation, those who are driven by a commitment to community and human dignity, to the defense of life and social justice, all with a particular focus on the weak and vulnerable. The fundamental orientation is radical, rejecting the widespread individualism that drives most political and cultural discussions in the US, in favor of a radical devotion to core Catholic principles and the Way of Christ. We are touched by some of the feedback we have received, and we hope to continue to provide our readers with encouraging and enlightening content.