Rumors: Pope is considering naming first female cardinal

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom says that there is something to the rumors that Pope Francis is considering naming the first female cardinal in the history of the Catholic Church.

Jesuit Father Frederico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, has thrown water on the suggestion, saying that “no nominations of women cardinals are due.”

The Daily Mail has a history of exaggerating possibilities, but check out the story and come to your own conclusions:

An Irish feminist is causing a stir in the Catholic world as rumours are rife the married 49-year-old could be set to join the world’s ‘most exclusive’ club.

Linda Hogan is being tipped as a contender to become the Vatican’s first female cardinal.

A woman has never held the title, and while current precedence states only ordained men can be appointed to the role, Pope Francis could be poised to make history.

The leader of the Catholic church, elected eight months ago, has emerged as a liberal prompting speculation he will invite a woman to don the red hat and welcome the first female cardinal into the Vatican’s fold.