Pope Francis for Time Person of the Year

Since 1927, Time Magazine has been selecting a person of the year. They choose someone they believe has had the most influence on world events that year. Previous winners include Pope John XXIII, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. Their selection matters because it communicates to the American people what and who we value in our society. This year, there is clearly one person who deserves the nomination: our Holy Father Pope Francis!

Francis’ papacy has touched every party of society, especially those that feel most marginalized by popular culture or even the Church. His embrace is changing the world, and I think it’s time to recognize this through this profound gesture.

Sadly, news reports suggest that Miley Cyrus is currently in first place, but we’re going to change that. Will you join me in voting for Pope Francis before the midnight deadline? Let’s show Time Magazine and the entire world that we support Francis and his leadership in the Church and in the world!