Top 5 Quotes from Pope Francis’ Recent Interview with Young People

Pope Francis was recently interviewed by a group of young people from Belgium. Here are five of the best quotes from the interview:
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  1. “For me, the heart of the Gospel is about the poor.”
  2. “We’re all brothers and sisters. Believers, non-believers or whether belonging to this or that religious confession, Jews, Muslims… we’re all brothers and sisters!”
  3. “In this moment of history, humans have been pushed away from the center, they have slid towards the margins and at the center –at least right now—there’s power, money and we must work on behalf of human beings, for men and women who are the image of God.”
  4. “I believe that nowadays young people must take the lamp and go ahead. They must be courageous!”
  5. “When a person searches for his or herself, they find God. Maybe, they don’t succeed in finding him but they are going along the path of honesty, searching for the truth, for a road of goodness and a road of beauty… they’re on the right road and it’s certain they’ll find God! Sooner or later, they will find him.”