Interview: Francis open to resigning papacy

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to those who follow the Bishop of Rome on a regular basis. In a Spanish-language interview that aired on Friday, Pope Francis said he was open to renouncing the papacy one day. Here’s the full account from The Telegraph:

[Francis] said that Pope Benedict’s historic decision to resign in February last year had set a precedent, opening the way to future pontiffs to step down rather than die in office, as has been the tradition for centuries.

Benedict, 87, became the first pope to resign since the Middle Ages and now lives in a former convent within the walls of the Vatican City State.

“Benedict made a great gesture,” Pope Francis said. “He opened a door, he created an institution, that of eventual emeritus popes.”

“Since we live longer, we get to an age at which we can longer carry on with things. I will do the same as he did: ask the Lord to show me when the moment comes and tell me what to do, and he will tell me for sure.”