Blase Cupich–champion of social justice–is the next archbishop of Chicago

The Francis effect has come to the United States. News reports have surfaced that Blase Cupich–the bishop of Spokane, Washington–will be named the next archbishop of Chicago this morning.


This past June, he spoke at Erroneous Autonomy: The Catholic Case Against Libertarianism, which we covered extensively here at Millennial. Cupich explained that “by uncoupling  human dignity from the solidarity it implies, libertarians move in a direction, that not only has enormous consequences for the meaning of economic life, and the goal of politics in a world of globalization, but in a direction which is inconsistent with Catholic Social Teaching, particularly as it is developed by Pope Francis.” He offered a strong defense of economic and social justice that genuinely reflects Catholic social teaching and Pope Francis’ approach. His pro-life commitments meanwhile seem to reflect a Whole Life approach to defending the dignity and worth of all. He will be a disappointing choice for free market fundamentalists and culture warriors, but an extremely encouraging one for those who have been fans of Pope Francis’ leadership.

Millennial’s Meghan Clark, who also spoke at the conference, shared her thoughts:

“Bishop Cupich listens pastorally, thinks deeply, models dialogue expertly, and places the dignity of all persons at the center of his actions.”

Sounds like a good choice to me!