A Discussion on Pope Francis and Capitalism

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale appeared on Huffpost Live to discuss Pope Francis’ recent speeches in South America. He argued that we should listen to Pope Francis’ message on all issues and respond to the challenges the pope has described (and so should members of Congress). Jack Jenkins provided some insightful analysis of the Pope’s words, while Kurt Shaw provided some interesting thoughts and context from Latin America. As a counterpoint, Robert Sirico engaged in a kind of “triple dissent”—offering a tepid defense of cafeteria Catholicism, warning of the “danger” of Pope Francis’ decision to speak before the US Congress, and essentially arguing that Pope Francis does not understand global capitalism because of his Latin American roots. As his strained comments show, in the wake of the Pope’s most important speech, it is a particularly tough time to be Catholic and a free market fundamentalist.

Check out the video here.