Replace Andrew Jackson (Not Alexander Hamilton) with Harriet Tubman

Amy Davidson succinctly explains why so many people favor leaving Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill and replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill:

“Ever since the Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, announced, last month, that the next version of the ten would feature a woman, that has been the baffled response. Alexander Hamilton, as the musical opening for previews on Broadway this week reminds us, has much to recommend him: he was the immigrant son of a single mother who became a founding father and the architect of our financial system. Why take him off the ten, and leave Andrew Jackson, who brutalized Native American communities, defended slavery, and opposed a national paper currency, on the twenty? A group called Women on 20s had already been organizing a drive to get Jackson off and a woman on. Harriet Tubman won the group’s online poll of who that woman should be, and she seems to be the leading choice all-around.”

Check out her full article to see why it would be so fitting for the Treasury Department to make this change.