Our Immigration System Should Not Keep Out the People (Including the Priests) We Need

I just met an American seminarian studying to be a priest in Rome.

When he was a child, his family illegally immigrated to the United States to flee violence and to find a better way of life.

When he decided he wanted to become a priest, his bishop wasn’t able to send him to a college seminary because he was an unauthorized immigrant.

But he knew this young man’s calling was authentic, so he worked with him to send him to a seminary in another country and now in Rome.

But due to our nation’s unjust immigration laws, it isn’t guaranteed that he will be allowed to return to the United States after his ordination to the priesthood.

That’s not right.

This man is everything you would hope for in a fellow American. He’s honest. He works hard. He cares for other.

If we want a country that honors our heritage, we need to make room for immigrants like this young man so that he can come back home and serve the People of God in the United States.