Assad’s ‘Human Slaughterhouse’

Amnesty International has released a report on one site (Saydnaya prison) where top Syrian officials approved the torture and execution of thousands of Syrians. The Syrian Grand Mufti’s complicity highlights the utter foolishness of those “pro-peace” Catholics that spread his propaganda about desiring peace in 2013, even though he had threatened the West with suicide bombings in 2011. Of course, many of these same individuals, including a considerable number of Catholic theologians, activists, and media figures, also spread Russia’s propaganda on Syria (Vladimir Putin’s New York Times op-ed, in which he pretended to care about international law, slandered the Syrian opposition to support his mass murdering ally, lied about who used chemical weapons, encouraged the US to withdraw from its global responsibilities, and lifted up the false hope of dialogue and diplomacy). Russia itself has also committed war crimes in Syria. Since it entered the conflict in Syria, Russia has killed more innocent civilians than ISIS.

The report highlights the cruelty of the Assad regime, the moral failure of the West and the Vatican, and the importance of having concrete knowledge of political issues before addressing them rather than recklessly spreading propaganda that aids mass murderers out of complete ignorance.