Steph Curry on His Faith and Being a Role Model

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Doc McStuffins, Moana, and Steph Curry are the kids’ favorite role models—a frequent presence in our home from the tv screen to playtime to posters on the wall. As a toddler, my oldest daughter would walk around exclaiming, “Chef Curry with the pot boy!” Unlike Charles Barkley, who famously rejected being a role model, Curry, the two-time NBA champion and league MVP with the Golden State Warriors, recognizes that he is one and is comfortable with it. He spoke about being a role model, his ‘good boy’ reputation, and his faith in a recent interview with Complex:

I understand the opportunity I have and the magnitude of how many people look up to me. Not just to model their game after me, but also the character, values, and that kind of deal. But it’s not outside my normal daily life. It’s just how I live my life and how I was raised. The fact that that speaks volumes to people is amazing, but there isn’t any extra pressure or anything like that. It’s just who I am. So I guess that helps to be able to handle the spotlight that’s on me. I definitely appreciate the opportunity and the impact that I have, but I don’t really feel any extra pressure….

My faith is what helps me keep everything in perspective. I know I’ve been given these talents to play the game and this is my way to reach millions and millions of people through those talents. That’s what makes me appreciative of everything that happens, good or bad. My mom and my pops were obviously huge influences in that they set that foundation: Basketball is fun, but it’s not the highest priority….

During your career, have you ever faced opposition because of your Christianity or felt pressure to be a different person, or have a different persona?
For sure. Not everybody plays from the same perspective. A lot of people question my good boy vibes and whether it’s genuine or not. There’s always those questions about me and there’s a lot of trash talk that comes directed at me from that too. But if that’s the burden that I’m going to have to carry, then that’s pretty simple for me.