What Success and Leadership Look Like in the Kingdom of God.

Today is a day that Christians historically have remembered the last meal that Jesus spent with his disciples before his crucifixion. The account of this meal in the Gospel of John is filled with some amazing moments. Perhaps the most powerful for me is the moment where Jesus kneels down and begins to wash his disciple’s feet.

This moment is scandalous to the disciples. They are horrified that their Rabbi (a highly honored position in society) is taking on a role reserved for slaves and servants.

Jesus tells them that this small act of service should be seen as an example of what success and leadership look like in the Kingdom of God.

As we continue to explore how Holy Week can inform how we live, I think it is essential that we take a moment to prayerfully reflect on how we might be called to model our lives and actions after the example that Christ set.

What would it look like for your life to embody scandalous service?

I am reminded of a pastor friend of mine who came to volunteer at Hope Clinic one day and asked me to find the messiest, stinkiest, grossest job. I really appreciated that. He demonstrated that his heart was really centered on serving.

In our own lives, do we run toward the stink? Do we seek out ways to serve with humility and faithfulness? It’s what Jesus did. Becoming an Easter people is all about trusting God enough with our lives that we can lay them down for others.