The Devastation in Louisiana is a Call for Solidarity

Driving around Baton Rouge last Saturday I came upon neighborhood after neighborhood where piles of debris- the deposited guts of homes- line the roadway. You can hear numbers like 60,000 homes flooded but being immersed in it is a different experience. Driving home I listened to a radio interview of a pastor that’s part of the community organizing group, Together Baton Rouge. He emphasized that in the midst of struggle, God is with us. God is with those who are struggling, God is with those coming to the aid of neighbors, and God is with those sending support from far away.

In addition to the flood, Louisiana faces a number of challenges- poverty, fiscal difficulties, and ongoing work for community cohesion and racial healing. Amidst all of this, however, people are resilient. Communities are coming together to help one another. As we continue the long road to recovery and investigate ways to prevent these types of floods in the future, here are a few ways to help:

Nick Albares is a senior policy analyst with the Louisiana Budget Project, working on a range of policies that build shared prosperity and improve the lives of struggling Louisianans.