Quote of the Day

Cardinal Sean O’Malley: “Our striving for the common good in society is simply a logical corollary of our love of neighbor. Unjust structures and oppressive political and economic systems result when ethics and virtue are banished from the public square as irrelevant to building a just and humane society.”

Millennial Co-founder Christopher Hale on Cardinal O’Malley in USA Today

Millennial co-founder and contributing editor Christopher Hale is quoted in Lorena O’Neil‘s “Who’s the most powerful Catholic in America?” in USA Today. The article focuses on Cardinal Sean O’Malley:

he’s beloved and respected by his brother bishops. “I think he’s by far the most popular American cardinal,” says Christopher Hale, who works for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. “His support transcends ideology. Both conservatives and liberals seem to really love him.”

The full article can be read here.