Around the Web: Articles on Pope Francis

Check out these recent articles from around the web:

Our Populist Pope by RR Reno: “Now it’s certain. This will be a populist papacy. Denunciations of unfettered free market economics in Evangelii Gaudium—’an economy of exclusion and inequality’—attracted a great deal of attention in the secular press. But for the most part commentators ignore the fact that Francis’ populism has a very strong ecclesial dimension as well.”

The heart of Pope Francis’s mission by EJ Dionne: “But American liberals and conservatives alike might be discomfited by the pope’s criticism of “the individualism of our postmodern and globalized era,” since each side defends its own favorite forms of individualism.”

Pope ramps up charity office to be near poor, sick by AP: “A few times a week, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski takes a few off-duty guards with him in his modest white Fiat to make the rounds at Rome’s train stations, where charities offer makeshift soup kitchens that feed 400-500 people a night. Often they bring the leftovers from the Vatican mess halls to share.”

Would Someone Just Shut That Pope Up? by Patrick Deneen: “Of course, all along Catholic teaching has seen a strong tie between the radical individualism and selfishness at the heart of capitalism and liberationist sexual practices, understanding them to be premised on the same anthropological assumptions.”

Pope tells theologians ‘sense of the faithful’ is not majority opinion by Francis Rocca, CNS: “Pope Francis said the church must pay attention to the ‘sense of the faithful’ (‘sensus fidelium’) when exercising its teaching authority, but never confuse that sense with popular opinion on matters of faith.”

Pope’s words and examples draw analysis and plaudits by Patricia Zapor, CNS: “Gerson, an evangelical, said he thinks the reason what the pope says and does is so powerful is that ‘he talks like Jesus and acts like Jesus.’”

Vatican announces new papal advisory commission on sex abuse by  Joshua McElwee, NCR: “Pope Francis has ordered the creation of a new commission in the church’s central bureaucracy tasked with advising the pontiff on safeguarding children from sex abuse and working pastorally with abuse victims, the Vatican said Thursday.”

The Domestication of Indifference by Michael Sean Winters, NCR: “Pope Francis has pricked the consciences of all who will listen. It is one thing to prick a conscience and another to shape it. May Pope Francis have a long life so that he can continue to challenge us all to look at those areas in our lives where, in the face of injustice and evil, we throw up our hands and turn away.”

The Joy of Evangelism by Robert Barron, RCR: “He knows that if Catholicism leads with its doctrines, it will devolve into an intellectual debating society, and that if it leads with its moral teaching, it will appear fussy and puritanical. It should lead today as it led two thousand years ago, with the stunning news that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and the joy of that proclamation should be as evident now as it was then.”