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Faith is Never Blind: One Corrective Reminder from Lumen Fidei by Ramon Luzarraga, Catholic Moral Theology: “Primary in an authentic Christian understanding of faith is that it is never blind.”

Pope Francis: address to CELAM leadership: “Do we promote opportunities and possibilities to manifest God’s mercy? Are we conscious of our responsibility for refocusing pastoral approaches and the functioning of Church structures for the benefit of the faithful and society?”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Issues Edict Against Baha’i Faith In Iran by AP: “Iran’s supreme leader is urging Iranians to avoid all dealings with members of the banned Baha’i sect in a possible prelude to further crackdowns on the minority.”

Pope links fraternity and peace in 2014 theme: “The choice of ‘Fraternity, the foundation and pathway to peace’ as the theme for his first Day of Peace echoes the message of solidarity that Pope Francis has already made a hallmark of his papacy.”

Syria shows we still don’t mean ‘never again’ by Ahmet Davutoglu and Zlatko Lagumdzija, Washington Post: “Yet 18 years after the atrocities of Srebrenica and the trauma of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the worst humanitarian calamity of the 21st century is unfolding in Syria. In another place and another time, we are again seeing a mass tragedy. That which the world had pledged would “never again” occur is playing out once more.”

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Cardinal Reinhard Marx on Subsidiarity vs. Solidarity: