Around the Web (Part 2: Pope Francis Articles)

Check out these recent articles about Pope Francis from around the web:

Pastor, Prophet, Pope by Stephen Schneck , Sojourners: “Catholics around the world are transfixed by Pope Francis. We love his simplicity of life, his humble faith, his welcoming attitude to all, and his way of being Christian in the contemporary world that takes its bearings from the poor.”

Pope denounces ‘poison’ of consumerism in ‘society based on profit’ by Francis X. Rocca, CNS: “Pope Francis denounced consumerism as a poison that threatens true happiness, which comes from membership in the church.”

Dispatches from the Outer Banks by John Carr, America: “His description of ‘missionary discipleship’ (the new ‘new evangelization’), his call for a church close to the people that is tender and merciful, and his specific warnings against four kinds of destructive ideology are previews of themes to come. Likewise his visit to the people who live in the Varginha slum was a model of humble solidarity with the poor and a stark challenge to those in power.”

Pope Francis is unsettling – and dividing – the Catholic right by David Gibson, RNS: “But in a few short months, Pope Francis has upended that dynamic, alienating many on the Catholic right by refusing to play favorites and ignoring their preferred agenda items even as he stressed the kind of social justice issues that are near and dear to progressives.”

Boston’s O’Malley: Pope prefers to talk love, not abortion by Joshua J. McElwee, NCR: “I think he speaks of love and mercy to give people the context for the Church’s teaching on abortion,” (Cardinal Sean O’Malley) continued. “We oppose abortion, not because we are mean or old fashioned, but because we love people. And that is what we must show the world.”

Jesuit head: Pope a ‘brother among brothers’ Joshua J. McElwee, NCR: “Members of Pope Francis’ religious order, the Jesuits, were ‘deeply touched’ by a special Mass celebrated for them by the pope July 31 and see the pontiff as a ‘brother among brothers,’ the global head of the order says in a special letter marking the occasion.”

A pope who ‘hates hypocrisy – he really hates it’ by Rick DelVecchio, Catholic San Francisco: “He’s a world leader who hates greed, hypocrisy, abuse of power and the cultural flattening of globalization, drives the cheapest car available, shuns fancy clothes, makes his own phone calls, believes global warming is a real threat, thinks that being without a job is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, and is orthodox in doctrine but pragmatic to the point of disregarding the rules in how he makes decisions. He’s Pope Francis as sketched by Jesuit Father Thomas Reese…”