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What Can I Do? Three Steps to Reduce Income Disparities by Fr. James Martin, SJ: “But if you are in any decision-making position in a company, you might ask yourself a version the Golden Rule. Are you paying your employees what you yourself would want to be paid for that job?”

Who is responsible for the living wage? by Morning’s Minion: “Now, Catholic social teaching has always defended social benefits. And prudence dictates that we should certainly support programs like the earned income tax credit that have been shown as effective in reducing poverty. But at some fundamental level, this is letting the employer off the hook. Providing workers with a living wage is a strict duty of justice. It is an obligation.”

Shame on North Carolina by Michael Sean Winters, NCR: “These laws are obnoxious to our nation’s proud history of finally, after much struggle, guaranteeing the right of black citizens to vote. That this law is signed a few weeks before the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech is ironic, and not in a good way. King’s dream of equality is threatened again.”

Pope Francis and the three temptations of the church by Thomas Reese: “The church faces three temptations, according to Pope Francis: the temptation to turn the Gospel message into an ideology; the temptation to run the church like a business; and the temptation of clericalism.”

Cura Personalis by Andy Otto, dotMagis: “Our talents, abilities, physical attributes, personalities, desires, hearts, faith, and minds are all equally worthy of care and attention…our Christian faith ought to involve not just head but heart, not just soul but body.”

Pope Francis on 10 Reasons Why People Reject the Church by Brandon Vogt:

“1. The Church no longer offers anything meaningful or important.

2. The Church appears too weak.

3. The Church appears too distant from their needs.

4. The Church appears too poor to respond to their concerns.

5. The Church appears too cold.

6. The Church appears too caught up with itself.

7. The Church appears to be a prisoner of its own rigid formulas.

8. The world seems to have made the Church a relic of the past.

9. The Church appears unfit to answer the world’s new questions.

10. The Church speaks to people in their infancy but not when they come of age.”

Central African Republic on brink of collapse by Michelle Nichols, Reuters: “The landlocked former French colony – one of the poorest places on earth – has been plunged into chaos since the Seleka rebels seized power from President Francois Bozize four months ago, triggering a humanitarian crisis in the heart of Africa.”

What Obama Misunderstands About Egypt by Jeffrey Goldberg: “It’s important to note that the Egyptian military isn’t yet all in — for an example of an all-in, maximum-violence Middle East eradication campaign, please see Syria. But I don’t much doubt that the bloody crackdown on the Brotherhood will continue, despite the heartfelt pleas from the White House and the near daily phone calls from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. And one reason is Syria: Egyptian generals can’t help but notice that the world has stood idly by as Bashar al-Assad has presided over the deaths of some 100,000 Syrian citizens. In the Middle East, you can, in fact, get away with murder.”

The Weekly Standard Accidentally Makes the Case for Food Stamps by Jonathan Cohn: “Meanwhile, and more important, the program seems awfully good at doing what it is supposed to do: keep low-income people from going hungry or struggling even more financially.”

Labor Day Reflection: Income Inequality, Labor Unions and a Call to Vigilance by Fr. Clete Kiley, USCCBLOG: “To address income equalities labor unions are an essential part of the solution. Keep breaking them down, and watch the inequalities grow. Be lulled or tamed by this ‘poisoned spring’ of an economic philosophy, and the misery of millions will only grow.”