The Best of the Jesuit Post on Millennial in 2013

It has been an honor to be able to feature The Jesuit Post on Millennial series. The Jesuit Post’s popularity has exploded this year, and we could not be happier. But even if they had 40 facebook fans rather than over 40,000, we would be just as honored to feature their outstanding work. It is the quality of the content that has drawn their loyal following.  In particular, we are happy to see the success of a periodical that “gets” millennial Catholics—inspiring, amusing and challenging them. For anyone who has come into contact with any of The Jesuit Post guys, it’s clear that the message and values they espouse are not just words – they are true examples of faith in action. Their sincerity and authenticity are real.

We featured many popular articles from The Jesuit Post in 2013.  In case you missed them, here are the four most popular. And if you saw them the first time around, they are definitely worth a second look.

An Open Letter to Parents: Thank You for Not Using the Cry Room by Joe Simmons, SJ: “So parents, I admire you.  Thank you for trying so hard to get your kids to behave, and for all of the effort you put in to helping them experience something of the joy at Mass.  But when they (or you) are having a bad day I hope it helps for me to say: thank you for not sequestering yourselves in the cry room.  The Church needs to hear kids’ voices because they are a distraction.  Your ‘yes’ to kids helps the rest of us say ‘yes’ to the God who chooses the messiness of the human condition.  ‘Yes’ to the One who says, in no uncertain terms, ‘Let the children come to me.’”

What Pope Francis Wants to Change by Sam Sawyer, SJ : “What does Pope Francis want to change? Us. Each one of us, and all of us together, and through us the world. His own life, especially his simplicity and poverty, have in these first days of his papacy begun to testify to the possibility of a life transformed by fidelity to the radical demands of the Gospel.”

On Suicide: Something has got to change by Quang Tran, SJ: “While our country struggles to respond to the urgent need to better care for those who are mentally ill, we can begin to bring lives closer to light and life by recognizing the warning signs and by referring these lives to the help they need.  And by paying attention.  A little spark of light is noticeably bright in the dark, and we don’t need to be health care professionals to pay attention; spark that light.  Let change begin with us.  Today.”

Care-less: The Sin of Indifference by Brendan Busse, SJ: “In this life we can’t afford to ask our desires to leave, because it is our desire, wounded and insecure as it may be, that will save us in the end. It is in the great passion of our lives that love is found; it is in our deepest desires that we discover the heart of God, a sacred heart. To hide in cold indifference is to smother a great and warming flame. Our hearts are burning within us. And to deny this is to withhold one of the great gifts of spirit for which our cold hard world cries every day, all night long.”

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