Christopher Hale in Time: Lent Is Not Just For Christians

Millennial co-founder and contributing editor Christopher Hale has a new article in Time on how the season of Lent is not just for Christians, but for anyone who wishes to reflect, change, and grow. He writes:

In the person and life of Jesus, the universal possibility of Lent becomes clearer. During this time, we can use his example to reject the superficiality that dominates our modern world and to embrace a new way of love that has the ability to transform our lives.

The “globalization of superficiality” we face—a term coined by Jesuit Father Adolfo Nicolas—is creating an era where the depth of human relationships is slowly being short-circuited by a deadly combination of technological advancement and excessive worldwide materialism. A dizzying pluralism of choices and opportunities makes it hard for us to take time to have authentic relationships and build community. The great irony of this era is that those who have the most, experience the least.

The full article can be read here.