Sneak Peek: The Jesuit Post’s New Book

Our friends at The Jesuit Post have a new book out, which is now available on Kindle and in paperback. Yesterday they released an excerpt by Editor-in-chief Eric Sundrup, SJ, “Come at Me, Bro! (Why I Love the Crazies).” He writes:

It’s often tempting to think that the crazies are funny because we aren’t like them; we are the sane ones, the ones who understand the world. We are different than the crazies. But, my dear, sweet deluded friend, that is a point of great danger. Because, as I have found, the reason I love the crazies is that they remind me of how very fragile and human we all are, how crazy and insane it is to even believe that we are in charge of this little spinning orb that is hurtling through the cosmos.

You can read the full excerpt here.