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Income Gap, Meet the Longevity Gap by Annie Lowrey, NY Times: “‘Poverty is a thief,’ said Michael Reisch, a professor of social justice at the University of Maryland, testifying before a Senate panel on the issue. ‘Poverty not only diminishes a person’s life chances, it steals years from one’s life.’”

Why being too busy makes us feel so good by Brigid Schulte: “Somewhere around the end of the 20th century, busyness became not just a way of life but a badge of honor. And life, sociologists say, became an exhausting everydayathon.”

Meet the Philippine Pope Francis by John Allen: “He rejects ostentation in dress and manner, preferring to be called by his nickname “Chito” rather than formal titles. He emphasizes the need for the church to listen as much as it talks, and he exudes a sort of slow-burn charisma that doesn’t smack you in the face so much as it gradually envelops you.”

Transfiguration: Attachment, Fear, and Liberating Love by Jen Owens: “In today’s Gospel, I see three movements: the disciples’ movement to what Ignatius of Loyola would later call “inordinate attachment,” their movement from inordinate attachment to fear, and Jesus’ movement to release them from what binds them, to free them from that attachment and that fear.”

Patrick: A Prophet for Global Justice by Kevin Ahern: “Most people know that the missionary Patrick (Patricius or Pádraig) helped to bring Christianity to Ireland in the 5th Century. Some may remember how his first visit to the island was as a slave. Sadly, only a few may remember Patrick’s opposition to structural injustice and his prophetic defense of victims of violence and human trafficking.”

Sudan Militia Target Darfur Civilians as Many Flee by Bloomberg News: “Members of Sudan’s security forces targeted Darfur civilians during intercommunal fighting, part of a wave of violence that’s displaced half a million people in the western Sudanese region over the past year, Amnesty International said.”

Living in a Box, Eating Weeds: Syria’s Children on the Edge by NBC News: “Mohammed-Kheir Alkhousi’s three boys used to sleep perfectly. Now every night they wake up and come into their parents’ bedroom for comfort. They have nightmares fueled by the horrors they have seen and heard.”

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth on Secularism by CNA: “During an address at his alma mater last week, Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth discussed the rise of secularism in Britain and how Christianity in contrast enables greater human flourishing.”

On the Journey with Jesus, Our Compassionate Brother by Ralph McCloud: “The Catholic Campaign for Human Development walks with people throughout the country on the road to healing and wholeness. CCHD connects people to people to overcome hunger, division and injustice. You can get involved. Commit to learn, pray, act, to seek out and walk with your neighbor this Lent.”

The street girls of India were just little girls after all by Paul Wilkes, NCR: “I started a nonprofit, calling it Home of Hope, the English version of Prathyasha Bhavan, the Hindi name for her shelter. And today Secunderabad is the site of one of four orphanages we have built in India. Five hundred girls — a half dozen of them with me right now — would not be raped or beaten or murdered. They would not be chattel in the sex trade. They would be safe with the sisters, eat healthily, and go to school. They would have the opportunity for a productive, dignified life.”

The Deepest Self by David Brooks: “But depth, the core of our being, is something we cultivate over time. We form relationships that either turn the core piece of ourselves into something more stable and disciplined or something more fragmented and disorderly. We begin with our natural biases but carve out depths according to the quality of the commitments we make.”

Putting a Face on Malaria by David Rosenberg: “There are a few devastating facts about malaria, photographer Adam Nadel notes on his website: It’s easily preventable and treatable, it’s a disease of the poor, and it will kill at least 500,000 children this year.”

While the West Watches Crimea, Putin Cleans House in Moscow by Julia Ioffe: “Within the span of a couple months, the Kremlin, by hook and by crook, has cleared all the media underbrush. There’s suddenly not much left of the independent media, even of what little of it there was left after Putin’s first two terms at the wheel.”

The Age of Individualism by Ross Douthat: “But the millennials’ skepticism of parties, programs and people runs deeper than their allegiance to a particular ideology. Their left-wing commitments are ardent on a few issues but blur into libertarianism and indifferentism on others. The common denominator is individualism, not left-wing politics: it explains both the personal optimism and the social mistrust, the passion about causes like gay marriage and the declining interest in collective-action crusades like environmentalism, even the fact that religious affiliation has declined but personal belief is still widespread.”