Millennials Debate Pope Francis and Mideast Peace in Time

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale recently explained in Time “Why Pope Francis May Be the Best Politician in the World.” He was responding to those who are skeptical that Pope Francis’ efforts to reignite Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will succeed:

But to reduce June’s meeting to an act of mere symbolism fails to understand the role religion can and should play in addressing difficult political and ethnic issues. Throughout world history, religious prophets have creatively navigated tense situations to advance peace and justice. Within the past century, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and St. John Paul II showed us that religious witness can win a war without raising a hand.

Daniel Petri, who previously wrote about the crushing problem of student debt for millennials in Millennial, responded by arguing that Christopher Hale “seems to be overly optimistic about possibility of an imminent resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” He explained the obstacles to the achievement of a peace deal in the wake of the upcoming meeting between Pope Francis, Shimon Peres, and Mahmoud Abbas. He also took issue with holding up Syria as a model to be emulated:

While there has been some progress with regards to chemical weapons, the situation for the Syrians has not improved. Since the pope’s push against American intervention, around 60,000 Syrians have died. The killings have not ended, and they do not look like they will be ending in the near future. Chlorine bombings are the latest technique Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has used in his campaign of mass murder against his own people.