Daniel DiLeo: Recommendations for an Updated USCCB Energy Statement

Millennial writer Daniel DiLeo has a new article in Political Theology Today, in which he summarizes the 1981 USCCB energy statement, identifies aspects of the statement that continue to be particularly relevant, and briefly proposes ways in which an updated energy statement can offer more pertinent Catholic guidance regarding today’s most pressing energy challenges. He writes:

Although the bishops’ 1981 energy statement thus continues to make important contributions to contemporary energy discussions, there seem to be several important updates necessary to a Catholic energy statement for the twenty-first century. The first is that the real and present reality of anthropogenic climate change is one of the most—if not the most—pressing energy challenge facing humanity. This is due to the fact that this challenge—which is accepted by 97% of climate scientists as well as the Catholic Church—is both largely driven by fossil fuel combustion and rapidly approaching a “tipping point” beyond which its adverse consequences will likely become both runaway and irreversible.

The full article can be read here.