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Paid Maternity Leave Is Good for Business by Susan Wojcicki: “Support for motherhood shouldn’t be a matter of luck; it should be a matter of course. Paid maternity leave is good for mothers, families and business. America should have the good sense to join nearly every other country in providing it.”

Stephen Colbert’s Top 12 Catholicest Moments by Joe Williams: “Colbert brings his show to a close this week, so we’re taking a look back at his more Catholic moments as we prepare to say goodbye.”

Dogs in Heaven by Michael Sean Winters: “The Lord who reconciles all creation in Himself, will not disappoint the desire of my heart to see my beloved beast again. No creature so filled with love can simply cease to exist.”

The Rage Against Liberty by Aaron Taylor: “Very few Catholics are today willing to give a defense of the concept of free speech that makes sense. Instead, we complain when our speech is suppressed but secretly desire to suppress the speech of others. The few defenses of free speech offered by Catholics therefore end up being opportunistic and unconvincing.”

Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s brand of populism by Harold Meyerson: “The bottom 90 percent of American households got none of the income growth of the past 15 years, as income from work declined and income from investment soared. That’s why Warren has legs — and why Democrats need her brand of populism.”

A Big Safety Net and Strong Job Market Can Coexist. Just Ask Scandinavia by Neil Irwin: “Some of the highest employment rates in the advanced world are in places with the highest taxes and most generous welfare systems, namely Scandinavian countries. The United States and many other nations with relatively low taxes and a smaller social safety net actually have substantially lower rates of employment.”

North Korea and the Speech Police by Ross Douthat: “Kim Jong-un has our culture’s number: Letting angry people impose a little censorship is just the way we live right now.”

Gunman Kills Two NYPD Officers In Brooklyn by BuzzFeed News: “‘They were, quite simply, assassinated,’ said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, of the two officers shot in their patrol car Saturday in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Police said the gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who shot his ex-girlfriend earlier in the day in Baltimore County, also killed himself.”