Millennial on Source and Summit: What We’re All About

Millennial editor Robert Christian appeared on the Source and Summit podcast to discuss why Millennial was created and how it has evolved. He explained:

Ultimately we are trying to explore what it means to embrace our faith as young Catholics in the 21st century. This means addressing the most pressing political issues of the day, whether in Washington DC or the Central African Republic. It means addressing the challenges of living spiritually rich lives in the turbulence of modern life and a culture where the violation of human dignity is not uncommon, but beauty and community and love are still present, something that I think is well addressed in The Jesuit Post on Millennial and God in All Things at Millennial, as well as by our other many talented, thoughtful writers, as they reflect on their own experiences. And that’s what we really aim to be: thoughtful and nuanced, to present an affirmative vision of the common good and human flourishing. To try to understand the Way of Christ and to live it.

Listen to the full podcast here.