Lenten Reflection Series: Making the Journey

We’re well into Lent. Perhaps what we gave up has slipped (or we have come up short in those areas where we promised to do a little bit better). Maybe we’ve started eating chocolate again, or jumped back on Facebook, or were cruel to others. Easter still seems a long way off, and perhaps we have started to doubt that we’ll ever make it through Lent. But in today’s Gospel we find hope.

Jesus asserts his divinity and makes it clear that it was God the Father who sent Him to save the world. This was an important message to the Pharisees then, but it’s also important us. It’s a reminder that Jesus is God and that we have the Easter promise to look forward to. It’s a long road during Lent, but we’ll make it. That long road is never clearer than in the first reading, when Moses is leading the Israelites out of Egypt. The Israelites are tired and hungry; perhaps they think they’ll never reach the end of their journey, as we often feel during Lent. But as Jesus reminds us in the Gospel, we can‘t lose hope, and we must trust in God.

With some patience and faith, we will make it to the end of our spiritual journey.

Jason Miller (@419in703) is Director of Campaigns and Development at the Franciscan Action Network.